Golden and Curley DO AC

Shaun Golden, John Curley, Atlantic City

Monmouth County GOP Chairman Shaun Golden and Freeholder John Curley made their statewide debuts on Monday before the assembled Republicans in Atlantic City.

Introduced by Assemblywoman Amy Handlin, Golden boasted of the Monmouth GOP’s success last November with Lillian Burry’s and Gary Rich’s freeholder victory against an onslaught of statewide Democratic and special interest campaign cash.

Golden, joined on stage by Vice Chairs Christine Hanlon and Tony Fiore, gave special recognition to “the most classy Republicans in State of New Jersey, County Clerk M. Clair French on the occasion of her “unfortunate retirement” from her “five terms of service in Monmouth County as one of the best Constitutional Officers that everybody has the pleasure of working with.”

Curley wound it up and called for the Republicans to “fire it up” as he’s “heard more action in a Irish wake.”  Curley declared it a great night “because we stopped the snow as we traveled south.”  Curley declared that “this State will be the beacon of light throughout the nation.  We will penetrate the blue and we will bring home magnificent victories in November!

Curley concluded “Don’t forget out troops. Don’t forget out troops.  Godspeed to you and God Bless America!”


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2 Comments on “Golden and Curley DO AC”

  1. Vote Assembly Republicans: WHY???? said at 9:29 am on February 3rd, 2015:

    As stated in Art’s older story, they (Republicans) will not vote to override the biggest veto that has the potential of creating transparency for taxpayers: The PA Bill, caused by the shenanigans of the governor–coming up on March 5th.

  2. If we are ever said at 11:08 pm on February 3rd, 2015:

    to have any significance again in NJ, there needs to be an annual gathering of the faithful, to solidify support, and show we are alive,in Blue Jersey.. Bob Franks, rest his soul, was the best state chair, in decades- his convention,in 1991,needs to be re- activated and perpetuated: if we don’t unite with unity of purpose, we will be another NY,and never come back: this was ok, but, the stop- gap measures to get us past this slow year, does not get us successful,in 2017! The worst political mistakes are made by the geniuses who only care about getting past this November,for their own incumbents’ sake: word to the wise..: get smart, begin planning 3 yrs. in advance, and please, have a real plan!!