Play for a Patriot

By Ernesto Cullari

MHA-SlideshowTemplate-TeeOff-750x330Once a day an active member of the military commits suicide. Before today is over 22 more Veterans: men and women, who have survived long deployments and possible combat, will die by suicide. 
Like with every column I write, I try my best to understand the subject that I am writing about. I research, I read, I ponder the evidence and I draw conclusions. I’ve never found something so challenging as writing about Veterans and the mental health issues that they face.
It’s not that there isn’t enough information on the topic that makes writing about Veterans challenging, it is relating to a group of people whose experiences, thoughts and emotions can only be understood by those who have been to war. No movie, no book, no first hand account can make a deep enough of an impression upon the uninitiated so as to make us understand their thoughts, their struggles and the ongoing battle that is peacetime living. 
For many Veterans peace is harder than the chaos of war. In a war you move from mission to mission from task to task –your training and instincts take over. Long after the buzz and the noise of war are gone, there is a lingering and lonely silence. Silence does not leave clues as to which direction a soldier should take or what comes next after the noise has died down.
For peacetime a soldier receives no training.  War wipes away all those so-called normal instincts their old self once had. Upon returning home a hero’s life can become completely unmanageable.
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Greg’s List: Things to do in Monmouth County this weekend, August 1-3, 2014



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By Greg Kelly


Monmouth County Post CardFriday, August 1

• Manasquan Firemen’s Fair – MORE INFO

• Lucky Me at NJ Repertory Theatre (Long Branch) – MORE INFO

• Godspell at Algonquin Arts Theatre (Manasquan) – MORE INFO

• A Few Good Men at Duncan Smith Theatre (Holmdel) – MORE INFO

• Clam Festival (Highlands) – MORE INFO

• Sunset Seining Along Sandy Hook Bay – MORE INFO

• The Wizard of Oz by Spotlight Players (Matawan) – MORE INFO

• Keyport Firemen’s Fair – MORE INFO

• Martha’s Vineyard Weekend Trip via Seastreak (Highlands) – MORE INFO

• APPETITE: Andrew Zimmern at Count Basie Theatre (Red Bank) – MORE INFOClamfest-page1 (800x485)

• Night Boat Tours on Manasquan Reservoir (Howell) – MORE INFO

• WW I & the Rise of Military Communications (Shrewsbury) – MORE INFO

• Give Us the Scoop on Your Favorite Ice Cream Topping (WLB) – MORE INFO

• Eat, Drink, Dance, Bowl, Repeat (Asbury Park) – MORE INFO

• 145th Annual Camp Meeting Association Week (Ocean Grove) – MORE INFO

• Shakespeare by the Sea (Spring Lake) – MORE INFO

• Walking Lantern Ghost Tours (Red Bank) – MORE INFO

• American Littoral Learners on Sandy Hook – MORE INFO

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Prosecutor: Belmar Did Not Account For Sandy Relief Gift Cards

$2,550 in gift cards remain unredeemed

Doherty: We were in the middle in the worst natural disaster in the history of New Jersey. Taking care of people trumps accounting principles

Mayor says he will ask ShopRite to replace lost cards

Belmar Borough Administrtor Colleen Connelly posing with cash donations. Photo provided by Councilman Jim Bean

Belmar Borough Administrtor Colleen Connelly posing with cash donations. Photo provided by Councilman Jim Bean

The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office has found that the Borough of Belmar distributed ShopRite gift cards purchased with cash donations in the wake of Super Storm Sandy without following generally accepted accounting principles.

In a letter to Councilman Jim Bean dated July 11, Special Deputy Attorney General/Acting Assistant Prosecutor John Loughrey said,  “There is, however, every indication that the cards were not properly inventoried,  adequately managed or or appropriately secured at any point after they were taken into custody of the Borough of Belmar.”  Loughrey’s letter to Bean can be found here.

Loughrey said there is no evidence that any one person or groups misappropriated the Shoprite gift cards.

The Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation on January 31, 2014 after Bean discovered a $9,050 discrepancy in reports of how the cards were distributed. In answering OPRA (Open Public Record Act) requests from Bean,  Belmar Elementary School business administrator Loretta Hill reported that the school received $7,950 in gift cards while Borough Clerk April Claudio said that $17,000 in gift cards were given to the school.

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Sean and David Goldman Act Passes House and Senate

Congressman Chris Smith’s International Child Abduction Bill Awaits President Obama’s Signature

Goldman bill (800x306)

Sean Goldman, 14, celebrating the passage of a child abduction bill named for him, with Congressman Chris Smith. Photo and graphic via Bring Sean Home Foundation’s facebook page

Legislation that will give the State Department tools to apply pressure on foreign government to return abducted American children that Congressman Chris Smith as been pushing through congress for five years has finally passed both the House and Senate.

The Sean and David Goldman Act first passed the House unanimously last December.   With the help of Senator Bob Menendez, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the bill passed the Senate with some changes on July 16. On Friday, the House passed the Senate version.

Sean Goldman, of Tinton Falls, was four years old in June of 2004 when his mother Bruna told her husband David that she was taking the boy to her native Brazil for a two week vacation to visit her parents.  Instead, Bruna divorced David in a Brazilian Court and married another man, keeping Sean in her native country.

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Algonquin Jazz Ensemble in Manasquan



Free Concert at Manasquan’s Main Beach on Saturday, Aug. 2 at 6 p.m.; Jazz Party Hosted at Manasquan Elks Lodge on Sunday, Aug. 3 at 6 p.m.

The newly formed Algonquin Jazz Ensemble  swings around Manasquan this weekend with performances on Saturday, Aug. 2 at 6 p.m. and Sunday, Aug. 3 at 6 p.m.

Saturday’s concert will be held at Main Beach in Manasquan at 6 p.m. and is free to attend.

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MC Events-July 28-August 3

Events for July 28-August 3 
Presented by BizEturtle

BizE Logo-Right1

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Booker comes to Monmouth, Only Raises $25K

Selfie via twitter.

Selfie via twitter.

Senator Cory Booker’s fundraiser for the Monmouth County Democrats only yielded $25,000, according to a report on PolitickerNJ.

Booker has had much better nights in Hollywood and on Twitter than he had last night in the county he lost by 10,000 votes last year to former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan.

Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal confirmed the take and said he was happy with it.

Democratic Freeholder candidate Larry Luttrell was excited in his remarks at the Wall Township home of Gary Faraci, the Wall Democrats only nominee for three Township Committee seats this fall.

“This is different. This isn’t like any other year. This year is special. We have a rock star on top of the ticket,” said Luttrell, of Holmdel, an attorney, as he pointed to Booker. “He’s here to help us, and that means a lot. We’re going to out work them, we’re going to out raise them, and we’re going to make it happen.”

OK Larry.

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Crematorium Has Oceanport Officials Hot

CaptureOceanport officials are burning over the prospects of the Woodbine Cemetery installing a crematorium with a smoke stack in a residential neighborhood of the borough.

In a statement released by Councilman Joe Irace yesterday and posted on the Oceanport website , the borough complains that the only public notification that Woodbine Cemetery was seeking to build a crematorium was in a public notice published in the Home News, an Asbury Park Press affiliated publication that is distributed in Middlesex and Somerset counties.

The borough became aware of the situation via a letter from the Department of Environmental Protection informing them that Woodbine was seeking an Air Pollution Control Permit.

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60th Annual Red Bank Sidewalk Sale

Red Bank History

The 60th Annual Red Bank Sidewalk Sale will take place this weekend on 
Friday, July 25 & Saturday, July 26 from 10AM – 8PM
and on Sunday, July 27 from 10AM-5PM
This special anniversary sale looks to be the best sale ever! 
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Christie will hold Town Hall Meeting in Belmar, Weds, July 30

The next stop on Governor Chris Christie’s “No Pain, No Gain” tour on the Jersey Shore will be held in Belmar next Wednesday, 3PM, at the  Huisman Gazebo, 500 Ocean Ave.

Christie kicked off the tour in Long Beach Island on Tuesday where he said he would be proposing a plan to save New Jersey from bankruptcy by the end of this summer. The work-in-progress plan will focus on reducing pensions and benefits for public workers.

“There are going to be some really difficult things,” Christie said. “There’s not a lot of places left to do things except to look at a whole different variety of ways to reduce benefits or to increase contributions by employees.”

Residents can RSVP for the Belmar event to

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