Toms River Crowd Gives Christie A Standing Ovation


Sharon from Toms River asks the last question at Governor Chris Christie’s Town Hall Meeting in Toms River. March 4, 2014

After Governor Chris Christie gave his customary warning to the last questioner at Town Hall meetings…don’t ask a stupid question or the crowd will turn on you…he called on Sharon from Toms River.

While the announced topic of the Town Hall was Sandy Recovery, Christie told the crowd of over 550 jammed in to the club house of a senior citizens’ community that they were welcome to ask him about anything.

Sharon brought up ObamaCare and the crowd started to boo.  “What can we do?” Sharon asked after expressing her healthcare concerns to the governor over the boos.

“Elect a new president,” Christie said a matter-a-factually.  The crowd erupted spontaneously. 550 senior citizens jumped out for their seats as if they had bed bugs and cheered Christie’s answer for a good minute, maybe two.

Christie said his answer was not a matter of partisanship, him being Republican and President Obama being a Democrat, but a matter of what works and what doesn’t work. The governor noted that Obama keeps delaying the implementation of parts of ObamaCare, “because they are not working.”

Throughout the Town Hall, as he did in Middletown last month, Christie criticized FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program as a government run monopoly that has not competition, won’t submit to arbitration and is not regulated. “Can you imagine is the government does to our health insurance what they’ve done to flood insurance?” Christie said, driving home multiple points to a frustrated but appreciative crowd.

Christie answered 10 questions from the crowd.  All but two questions were Sandy related. For the third Town Hall Meeting in row there was not one question about Bridgegate, the Port Authority of NY/NJ or Hoboken. Judging from the three town halls held since February 18, the public cares a lot less about the George Washington Bridge lane closures than the media, the State Legislature and the U.S. Attorney’s office does.C

There were about 20 sign touting protesters outside the Holiday City Club House, organized by special interests, according to NJ.com.  Only two protesters remained at the end of the event.  Their signs called for improvements in New Jersey’s medical marijuana program.  The cold didn’t seem to bother them.


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One Comment on “Toms River Crowd Gives Christie A Standing Ovation”

  1. marilyn wengert said at 4:47 pm on March 4th, 2014:

    I am happy to have read this article. Does the “hold-up” with NJ’s road salt have anything to do with retaliation? I understand the Port of NY stopped us from receiving the salt and we had to rely on Portland, Maine.
    People are very disgusted with the results of the coverage they were not able to get from their insurance carriers, who are saying that it was the “surge” not the flood that did the damage! So these consumers paid for nothing down in Gandy’s Beach and Fortesque! Their community need to be reassessed, foe their home values have plummeted. Very sad, indeed!