St. Patrick’s Day parade provides Belmar with off-season boost

St. Patrick’s Day parade provides Belmar with off-season boost (via NJ.com)

  St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Belmar 41st St. Patrick’s Day Parade held in Belmar Though the less-than-stellar weather today may have tamped down turnout for Belmar’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, the annual event still provided a welcome bump to businesses…

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4 Comments on “St. Patrick’s Day parade provides Belmar with off-season boost”

  1. Dano said at 8:27 am on March 3rd, 2014:

    East Jersey Tea Party marched to the cheers of 99% of the crowd! Our 3dr year in the parade 🙂

  2. Sage said at 10:39 am on March 3rd, 2014:

    Drunks would cheer for Hannibal Lechter if he was in the parade. Don’t sprain your arm patting yourself on the back.

  3. Jim Granelli said at 11:21 am on March 3rd, 2014:

    Is the East Jersey Tea Party group a new one or is it the merging of others as I don’t seem to remember any references to it in the past couple of years.

    That begs the question of why so many Tea Party groups after looking at the EJTPG web page.

    After all, united we stand and it seems to me that the merging of resources would bring more productivity. Or, is it that the various groups can’t get along with each other.

    Again, I wish any Tea Party group luck, especially with voter education and voter turn out these days; but I remain firm in my feelings of reality when dealing with the demographics of a “purple” NJ. If you want to raise up candidates on Tea Party principles, you need to start them at the lower rungs of elected office so that people get to know them and the candidates get to learn how to “walk” before running for much higher offices.

    Perhaps Bayshore Bulldog might have some INTELLIGENT responses to the above since he is such a rabid dog in support of Tea Party principles.

    NOTE: Delirious dribblings not accepted Bulldog especially since your real self is unwilling to put his name on the ballot despite your self flatulating proffers of your qualifications to run.

    BTW, it’s interesting that Sage poked his head up from the gutter and is back with his hateful comments. I guess he just can’t help himself.

  4. Name (required) said at 7:46 am on March 4th, 2014:

    Sage, how is your boy Brophy doing? Is he still happy with his decision to jump on the bandwagon, with the ignorant supporters of the drugged up roid head, that attacked some officers and made himself die of a heart attack?