Thirteen 2013 Takeaway Numbers

By Matt Rooney, SaveJersey.com

We had a very busy year, Save Jerseyans, but if there are 13 stats from 2013 that will stay with me into 2014, these ones are at the top of my list:

13.   1,300,000,000 – how much more money the State of New Jersey decided to spend next year over this year.

12.   30,000 – about how many New Jersey and New York residents are still homeless 14-months after Hurricane Sandy made landfall.

11.   10,000,000,000 – the funds, representing only 1/5 of the total Sandy federal aid package, that have been disbursed to date.

10.   3,300 – the current rough number of New Jerseyans who have created an account at Healthcare.gov.

9.   800,000 – the approximate number of New Jersey residents who started 2013 with a health care plan that, thanks to Obamacare, will be cancelled by 2014.

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