Bobble-head Congressman Frank Pallone blames insurance companies, capitalism, for healthcare cancelations

“IT’S NOT TRUE,” Congressman Frank Pallone (D-NJ, Monmouth and Middlesex) shouted at Fox News’s Megyn Kelly last night while arguing that President Obama has kept his promise, “If you like your healthcare, you can keep it, period, I guarantee it.”

The bobble-heading Pallone apparently was unaware that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius had testified before a House hearing he was present for, that ObamaCare requires that any insurance policy premium that goes up by $5 or more, is ineligible to be “grandfathered.”   Pallone changed his demeanor, but stuck to his talking points and kept bobble-heading, after a clearly exasperated Kelly confronted Pallone with a video clip of Sibelius’s testimony.

Pallone insisted that insurance companies were canceling “lousy” policies because no one would buy them.  “But 15 million people did buy them,” Kelly retorted as Pallone bobbled.

This was the second time in a week that Pallone lost his composure and motor functions publicly. On October 24 Pallone bobbled and shouted “I will not yield to this monkey court or whatever this thing is, DO WHAT YOU WANT,” during a House ObamaCare hearing.

Pallone should feel fortunate that Members of Congress are exempt from ObamaCare.

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14 Comments on “Bobble-head Congressman Frank Pallone blames insurance companies, capitalism, for healthcare cancelations”

  1. Phoney Pallone said at 9:41 am on October 31st, 2013:

    “If you like your healthcare, you can keep it, period, I guarantee it.”

    What the Democrat rats are scurrying to do is parse words. Sure you can “keep your health care.” It just ain’t going to be the kind of health care plan you had.

    Trying to blame those “bad insurance companies” for bad plans ain’t going to fly either Frankie.

    “Pallone insisted that insurance companies were canceling “lousy” policies because no one would buy them. “But 15 million people did buy them,” Kelly retorted as Pallone bobbled.”

    You’re a phoney, you and the President are liars and “we see through you.”


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  2. And the lies continue said at 9:44 am on October 31st, 2013:




  3. Phoney Mon Co. Republicans said at 10:27 am on October 31st, 2013:

    It’s easy and obvious to blast Pallone and call him a Phoney — but where are those brave and highly regarded Monmouth County Republicans to run against him? How come one of the all powerful Beck/Angelini/Casagrande girl’s team didn’t step up to make an honest run for that seat, are none of them in Pallone’s district? Least they could do would have been to actively campaign for whatshisorhername that lost to Pallone last? Where are those Country Republicans that win by HUGE margins year after year stepping up to run for Congress, or actively supporting the lamb who does? Surely one of them must live somewhere in the 6th district? And if not them, Declan O’Scanlon, Amy Hanlin, Joe Kyrillos, Rob Clifton, Sam Thompson, Rible, Kean, etc… do none of them live in the district or just none of them with balls, like Pallone.

    And I’m not here defending the loser that is Pallone, but don’t forget that our all-mighty, “we win 3 to 1”, County Republicans have given up and are happy to enjoy their little hamlets rather than try to take on anything bigger. County Republicans have been resting on their laurels for decades and it’s only a short matter of time before crooked Gopal and company take over; having a sitting Congressman in their fundraising arsenal helps their cause.

  4. henryv v accaro said at 10:45 am on October 31st, 2013:

    This guy is a disgrace .Remember when the bill first passed he yelled ” It’s my bill , not Pelosi’s , not Obama’s but mine ” Haven’t heart him sprout those words lately. Remember those 3 Democratic Senators that were bribed with special deals for their states.Their names Joe Lieberman , Ben Nelson and Mary Landreiu . Now you got Landreiu trying to distance herself from Obamacare .why of course reelection. As far as preceding comment about Republicans running against him his district is so gerrymandered that if the Pope was a Republican he couldn’t win . Add in the factor of the amount of money that is spread around by his surrogates on election day makes it pretty hard .

  5. It's called union money, said at 11:10 am on October 31st, 2013:

    and tons of out of state dollars, never from his own districts.. He is nothing. It a socialist union lawn, this “author” of Obamacare: and yes, everything about his too-long career has been phoney: “save the fort,” socialized medicine, tax and spend- oh, wait, he personally vacuums the ocean, just ask the Clean Ocean shills, they’ll tell ya- been in his pocket because he tells them what they all wan to hear for nearly 3 decades,now.. And , sure, one of the better vote-getters needs to step up, especially in 2014: but, you are either new or naive: we have had several strong opponents to this guy: now judge Paul Kapalko came within 1600 votes of ridding us of him: Joe Azzolina, rest his soul,tried hard.. as did Kyrillos..Steve Corodemus did his best,in a rough year- the union dregs and squads do a fine job for him all the time, ever since the Long Branch days, and get paid back well.. Agree one of the good GOP vote-getters may just have a shot next year, and will be there to help them! Time for this guy to retire, on his best healthcare and best pension,in the country!..

  6. Hate the iPads! said at 11:12 am on October 31st, 2013:

    should be..is a socialist, union pawn!

  7. @ Phoney Monmouth County Republicans said at 12:13 pm on October 31st, 2013:

    Why? You ask why?

    Who would want to step up to fight a $4 MILLION war chest? That is IMPOSSIBLE money to raise.

    Maybe also, those 3 ladies want to stay home with their families, especially Caroline Cassagrande who has a young child, rather than doing the commute to DC?

    And the district IS gerrymandered as Vaccarro pointed out. Clean Ocean Action is among one of his biggest supporters down this way, let alone most of Middlesex County.

    Now, that the war chest chest has been lightened quite a bit by his failed attempt at a Senate run, and with this exposure on Obamacare, maybe someone will step up.

    But, it’s going to take a lot of money to defeat Pallone. How much are YOU going to donate to that cause, or have you EVER donated money to that cause.

    BTW, how much volunteer time have you ever given to the previous candidates challenging Pallone?

    Maybe that person should be you since you have a big mouth and seem to think that you know it all, huh?

    Otherwise, pipe down and sit down because you are certainly no political genius.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  8. You can't keep what you don't own said at 2:46 pm on October 31st, 2013:

    For most individuals with employer-sponsored health insurance, their policies are offered strictly at the whim of their company. Their coverage is assured only for the one year term of their policy. Any such employee can be fired at will or have his coverage lessened or discontinued. This has been going on as long as health insurance has been tied to employment- you just didn’t have Obamacare to blame it on. At least now, people now have somewhere to turn when they are screwed by their employer.

  9. @ You can't keep said at 2:55 pm on October 31st, 2013:

    what a lousy parsing of the words.

    Obamacare IS to blame for it, buy hundreds of thousands, and soon millions; not a few here and a few there.

    So, you are suggesting that “employers keep lousy employees, not firing them at will, just so they can keep their health plan???”

    Yeah, there’s that ole 99 % vs 1% argument again.

    BENEFITS always were and are a way to hire excellent employees and retain them.

    Where in the Constitution does it say that they are a privilege? Or did you get let go by a company for whatever reason?

    Now, PLEASE, tell me how many companies you have owned, otherwise; go back to putting your head in the sand.


    Silence Dogood, Redux

  10. Had enough of Pallone's bizarre antics... said at 5:51 pm on October 31st, 2013:

    Ugh. Enough already.

    Somebody please tell Frank Pallone to stop embarrassing New Jersey on the national stage. He is humiliating The Garden State.

  11. View from The Observation Deck said at 7:11 pm on October 31st, 2013:

    Cory Booker made Frank Pallone look bad. Real bad. Booker cost him money. A lot of money.

    It’s just like Charles M said a few days back; Frank’s bizarro antics are all about getting national attention, and thereby getting donations from a bigger audience. He’s also reminding his fan club members (most of whom defected to Cory Booker’s club) that he’s still a player.

    Pallone knows his primary supporters are left wing nut-jobs, so when he behaves like an obnoxious, liberal-kook liar, he knows he’ll get all the crazies to give him big bucks. They eat up that nasty garbage, and Frank Pallone knows it.

    Remember Biden in the VP debate? This is Frank’s version of being the same type of ass, in order to get money from the National Democratic Loony Bin.

    It’s disgusting and so is he.

  12. Joe D said at 8:24 pm on October 31st, 2013:

    Frank Pallone should be embarrassed. I am embarrassed he is from our state and lives in my county. He comes across as an angry, arrogant person. He looks more beatable all the time. He’s a “shouter” and an obnoxious person which is unbecoming of someone of the office. Lets hope we get a solid candidate that can challenge him so he can be removed from office.
    Joe DiBella

  13. Frank Pallone should be ashamed of himself. said at 3:13 pm on November 1st, 2013:

    So far, an estimated 800,000+ people in New Jersey are loosing their health insurance plans due to the implementation of ObamaCare. As of today, NJ has the second highest number of people in the entire nation who are just now finding out that they cannot keep the insurance plan they like. It is interesting to note, that NJ long ago established laws against denying coverage to individuals for pre-existing conditions. We had that down, long before Frank Pallone’s ObamaCare arrived on the scene and mucked up the works. His horribly designed and poorly managed law, is hurting people and their families, right here in New Jersey. That’s unacceptable. Frank Pallone, you should be ashamed.

    (The rather large state of California ranks number one in losses, with 900,000+ California citizens being dropped from their plans. Proportionately, NJ’s smaller population is getting downright hammered due to ObamaCare, with an astounding 800,000+ New Jersians getting the boot, thus far.)

    Mr. Obama says, “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your healthcare insurance, you can keep your healthcare insurance, period.”

    That is a lie sir, period.

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