Fitzsimmons responds to Pekarsky’s “real republican” manifesto

Ed Pekarsky

Ed Pekarsky

Matawan Councilman Tom Fitzsimmons responded yesterday to Bayshore Tea Party backed freeholder candidate Ed Pekarsky’s  email to the Monmouth Young Republicans email list.

Both Fitzsimmons and Pekarsky have expressed a desire for MMM to publish Fitz’s response.  We’re happy to oblige.  Pekarsky and BTPG leaders expressed a desire that we use another of Pekarsky’s photos.  We’re happy to oblige that request as well.

To my knowledge, we’ve never met. But since you decided to respond to an innocuous YR invite email with a self-serving and deluded email of your own, I feel compelled to respond.
Specifically, I am compelled to respond to this statement:
”…the party I have always identified myself with as 20’s-something republican are now labeling me and those I associate with as tea-party nut jobs, big mouth amateurs and those who have no place in the political process system etc.”
As I said, I don’t know you so I don’t know whether you are, in fact, a tea party nutjob or not, or whether you consort with known tea party nutjobs. However, I can understand how you could be confused with other tea party nutjobs, as you have clearly adopted their language.
By this I refer to your smug and condescending description of yourself and your new friends as “real” Republicans; your self-congratulatory mention of your constitutional principles when they have nothing to do with the office you’re currently seeking;  your mention of the evil and ubiquitous “Republican establishment”,  and the tone of your letter, which is part whiny little bitch and part martyr. Since you speak the language of tea party nutjobs, you can understand how people would assume you are one. And while not all tea party members are big mouth amateurs ( or nutjobs), many of the ones around here are. If you’re upset about being lumped in with them, don’t blame the lumpers.
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Freeholder Challenger Claims “real republican” Mantle

Amateur nutjob Ed Pekarsky. facebook photo

Amateur nutjob Ed Pekarsky. facebook photo

Bayshore Tea Party backed freeholder candidate Ed Pekarsy responded to an email invitation to a Monmouth County Young Republicans social event with a rant disparaging the Monmouth GOP.

While I am glad to see that Monmouth county YR’s are continuing on our traditions and prescribing to our republican principals, I did want to inform your group that over the past several years, what I knew as Republicans have changed. In many ways, old guard establishment republicanism now means larger government spending and more legislating against our freedoms while an arrogant elitism have captured the party that WE all dislike and we all have come to associate with the left in this country.

The email distribution list includes numerous Monmouth County Republican elected officials, Municipal Chairs, a state GOP staffer, a State GOP Committeeman, county employees, and former elected and party officials.  Note to YR Chair Jessica Reyes…bcc is your friend.

Pekarsky went on to tell his audience that they are alienating “our own republican brothers and sisters.”

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Feds Approve New Jersey’s $1.83 Billion Community Development Block Grant Program For Sandy Recovery

Only those residents and business who have registered with FEMA by 11:59pm on May 1 will be eligible for CDB grants

Gov Chris Christie and HUD Sec Shaun Donovan at Bahrs Landing, Highlands, 4/29/13

Gov Chris Christie and HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan announce $1.83 billion in federal grant money for New Jersey’s recovery from Superstorm Sandy at Bahrs Landing, Highlands, 4/29/13. photo by Art Gallagher

U.S . Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan joined Governor Chris Christie at Bahrs Landing in Highlands this morning to announce that the Obama Administration has approved New Jersey’s application for $1.83 billion in grant funds to assist businesses and homeowners from the 9 counties catastrophically impacted by Superstorm Sandy in rebuilding to a “new normal.”

“Today we take another important step toward recovery and healing for hard-hit communities in New Jersey,” said Donovan. “HUD has worked closely with Governor Christie, Senators Menendez and Lautenberg, and the New Jersey Congressional Delegation to help design effective programs that will help small businesses reopen, get families back in their homes make communities more resilient as quickly as possible. We have also imposed additional internal controls and accountability measures and we will be working with the Inspector General to ensure that all funds are used as intended – to help families, small businesses and communities get back on their feet and rebuild.”

“Today’s news sends a very powerful message that New Jersey is moving forward and that the Jersey Shore will be open for business this summer,” said Governor Chris Christie. “These funds will provide critical resources to our Sandy-impacted homeowners and businesses to reconstruct, rehabilitate and continue down the road of recovery. While there is much work ahead of us, we have come a long way during these last six months, and I want to thank Secretary Donovan and his team for their tireless efforts as we all work together to rebuild our great state.”

Christie and Donovan said that the CDB grants will assist homeowners and businesses who have received all that is available from FEMA and their insurance companies, yet have fallen short in the funds needed to rebuild. Donovan emphasized that funds are available in the program for renters and the rebuilding of rental housing.

Only those residents and business who have registered with FEMA by 11:59 on May 1 will be eligible for CDB grants, Christie said.

Anyone who has not yet registered with FEMA should do so immediately by calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) or by visiting FEMA’s website at

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French Steps In To Prevent Voter Fraud In Asbury Park Elections

Claire FrenchAfter noticing a unusual spike in the request for messenger ballots in the upcoming municipal election in Asbury Park, Monmouth County Clerk M. Claire French instituted a requirement that all messengers sign an affidavit certifying that they have met with voters they are assisting;  they are related to the voters or are themselves registered voters in Monmouth County; they will not act as messenger for more than 10 voters; they will deliver the ballots directly to the voters and not to any other individuals; and they are not candidates in the election.

Messengers also certify that they are aware that violating the Voting by Mail statute, which governs messenger ballots, is a crime in the third degree, according to a story first reported by Asbury Park Sun.

Since French started requiring the affidavits on April 17, only 5 of 42 messengers have submitted the paperwork and “almost no new messengers” have requested ballots.

The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office will investigate messengers who do not return the required affidavits.

Asbury Park elects their entire governing body every four years in non-partisan elections. There are 22 candidates competing for 5 seats on the council in the election scheduled to take place on May 14.

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Monmouth Poll: 73% are satisfied with Sandy recovery efforts

facebook photo by Amanda Haddox

facebook photo by Amanda Haddox

A Monmouth University Poll released this morning indicates that 73% of New Jersey residents are satisfied,  (31% very satisfied and 42% somewhat satisfied) with the state’s effort to recover from Superstorm Sandy.

78% say they have fully recovered or were not impacted by Sandy.  67% of those from the areas hardest hit by the storm say they have fully recovered.  15% of those in the hardest hit areas say they have barely recovered or have not recovered at all.

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Christie to visit Asbury Park and Highlands on Monday

file photo ©Art Gallagher

file photo ©Art Gallagher

Governor Chris Christie will be back on Monmouth County on Monday morning.

At 7 am, the governor is scheduled to appear on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Show which will be broadcast live from the Five Ave Pavilion in Asbury Park.

At 11am, Christie and U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan  are scheduled to visit businesses and greet patrons along Bay Avenue in Highlands, starting from The Memoria Project in Veterans’ Park.  At 11:45, he will hold a press conference at Moby’s, 2 South Bay Ave.

Christie is expected to announce federal approval of $1.8 billion in relief funds for housing, infrastructure and business recovery activities, according to a report in The Star Ledger.

At his press conference in Long Branch on April 18, the governor said he was waiting on federal funds for a grant program that would award up $500,000 to businesses and $150,000 to homeowners.

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In Case You Missed It: Conan O’Brien’s Presentation At the White House Correspondents Dinner

Christie, Bon Jovi and Tanning Mom represent New Jersey

“Someone accidentally seated Governor Chris Christie with the Republicans”

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Grow Monmouth, Tourism, Shared Services

By Freeholder Director Thomas A. Arone

  • HIGH_RES_ARNONE (571x800)·         As a way of continuing to encourage businesses to come to Monmouth County, my team and I are conducting ongoing Grow Monmouth presentations around the County.  In the past two weeks, we have completed presentations in Aberdeen and Bradley Beach.  Additionally, we are continuing work on the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.  This week we have had roundtable discussions on topics that were suggested by the public during prior meetings. We have begun sending welcome letters to all new businesses registered within the county.  In less than a month, we have sent just over 90 letters offering assistance through the Grow Monmouth Initiative.
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Sandy Hook to Re-open on May 1


Sea Gull's Nest photo

Sea Gull’s Nest photo

Gateway National Recreation Area will reopen the Sandy Hook Unit to the public for the first time since Hurricane Sandy beginning Wednesday, May 1. A ceremony at 10 A.M. will mark the reopening, with U.S. Congressman Frank Pallone in attendance.


“We have been looking forward to this moment since the storm hit us and we’ve worked hard to make it happen this soon,” said Sandy Hook Unit Coordinator Pete McCarthy. “Employees and volunteers have literally dug out beach centers and parking lots, and pumped out flooded basements, we’ve even rebuilt sand dunes and replanted beach grasses.”  Work will continue this summer as more services are restored and roads continue to be repaved.


After the opening ceremony Congressman Pallone will address the group, which will include the Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST) Color Guard who will be on hand to present the colors.  These MAST high school students’ campus is located in the park and their campus was flooded during the storm.   The students will finish the school year at an alternate location, host their graduation at Ft. Hancock and will return to Sandy Hook for fall classes.

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Benjamin H. Danskin, 1925-2013, Rest In Peace

BHD_photo-page-001BENJAMIN H. DANSKIN, 87, of WALL, passed away April 25, 2013, at Sunnyside Manor in Manasquan. Born and raised in Spring Lake, NJ, he was the son of the late Benjamin S. Danskin and Nora Elizabeth Jackson Danskin.

Mr. Danskin was the husband of the late Betty Joan Slockbower Danskin, of Wall. He was also predeceased by his brother James Clyde Danskin, sister-in-law Helen G. Danskin, and son-in-law Paul L. Stevens.

Ben Danskin was a key figure in government service, public advocacy, business development, and Republican politics in Monmouth County, New Jersey, for more than 57 years. He was appreciated for his dedication to and love of his community, respected for  decisive leadership, relied upon for his business savvy, and revered for his political acumen and absolute integrity. His gregarious character impacted everyone he encountered.

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