Prosecutor to investigate leak of Cryan’s emails

Barnes & Noble Nook photo

Barnes & Noble Nook photo

Sussex County First Assistant Prosecutor Gregory Mueller is launching an investigation into how the New York Post received copies of the salacious email exchages between Assemblyman Joe Cryan and former Corzine staffer Karen Golding, according to a report on NJ.com.  Mueller told the Star Ledger that the emails were sealed by Court Order.

The initial NYPost report said the emails were dropped at a reporter’s doorstep.  The story has since been updated, omitting that information.

Who is going to investigate Cryan using government computers to describe his erections?

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One Comment on “Prosecutor to investigate leak of Cryan’s emails”

  1. Gregory Mueller said at 5:11 pm on March 25th, 2013:

    “They’re just some boorish emails being exchanged between consenting adults” — Gregory Mueller, Special Deputy State Attorney General

    boorish: ill-mannered and coarse and contemptible in behavior or appearance

    Here is the case of another other “boorish” email chain…
    ‘Ugly Thoughts’ Defense Fails as Officer Is Convicted in Cannibal Plot

    Our representative’s emails, from tax payer funded computers, should not be “boorish”; ill-mannered and coarse and contemptible in behavior or appearance.