Can Buono make a race of it?

Last month Monmouth Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal went on NJTV to make the case that Governor Chris Christie is leading the in the polls so strongly because of how he has handled the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy and because the presumed Democratic nominee for governor, State Senator Barbara Buono is largely unknown.Canada

In the month since Gopal’s interview, Buono’s name recognition has ticked up only 4 points.  Only 20% of the electorate know enough about her to form an opinion.  Of that 20%, only half have a favorable opinion of her, according to the Quinnipiac Poll.  Despite extensive free media granted Buono by New Jersey’s three largest newspapers, Christie has high favorable ratings even among registered Democrats.

Watch Monmouth County Democratic Chair: Buono Can Beat Christie on PBS. See more from NJToday.

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What’s So “Good” About This Friday?

Understanding the Political Implications of the Arrest, Crucifixion and Death of the King of Kings


By Matt Rooney, Save

There’s both a theological and political answer to this age-old question, Save Jerseyans, one which every Christian ponders at one point or another during childhood.

After all, what’s so “good” about an objectively nice guy — Jesus of Nazareth — being arrested without cause, denied due process, condemned without evidence, ridiculed by his own people, betrayed by his closest friends, and brutally put to death by a tyrannical foreign power?

That’s a pretty “bad” Friday by anyone’s yardstick. The ACLU would’ve been all over this one.

Ghoulish though the scene may’ve been, it was truly “good” from a theological perspective because Jesus wasn’t just Jesus the regional political pariah or run of the mill desert preacher. He was the “Christ” incarnate, and He proved it by subsequently overcoming death and rising from the grave just three short days later. Having done so, He successfully ransomed mankind from eternal death and purchased eternal life for everyone audacious enough to believe in Him. So He quite literally saved us from ourselves… Jersey and all!

But like any great heroic tale, the “how” here is no less significant than the “why.”

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Leigh-Ann Bellew is preparing to challenge Kyrillos

Leigh-Ann BellewFormer congressional candidate Leigh-Ann Bellew of Union Beach is circulating a petition to run for State Senate in the 13th Legislative District, according to multiple sources familiar with the petition.

Petitions with at least 100 signatures are due to be filed with the Secretary of State/Division of Elections in Trenton on Monday, April 1st.  13th district incumbent Senator Joe Kyrillos’ petition with 200 signatures has been filed.

Bellew, 43, was the Republican nominee for Congress against Frank Pallone in 2006, running on the theme Mom on a Mission. She managed Anna Little’s primary campaign against Diane Gooch in 2010.

Bellew is a pro-life conservative who describes her political philosophy as Constitutionalist.

Bellew told MoreMonmouthMusings that she has collected about 200 signatures but has not made a final decision to run.  She said she hopes to talk with Kryillos, who she said she likes personally.

“I am not happy with Joe’s apparent lack of conviction and leadership on important issues like life and the second amendment,” said Bellew ,”he says he’s pro-life personally and has a good voting record for life, but he blows with the win with his rhetoric. That’s not leadership.

‘Joe’s record on the second amendment is not good.  He favors restricting gun rights.  That is a big problem, especially given our current government in Washington.  We need leaders on all levels to protect our rights.”

Bellew said she would make her final decision about running over the weekend.

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Monmouth County Police Academy Update: Becoming the best in New Jersey

HIGH_RES_ARNONE (571x800)By Monmouth County Freeholder Director Thomas A. Arnone


            Under the direction of the current liaison to The Monmouth County Police Academy, Freeholder Lillian Burry along with the help of the newly appointed Director of The Monmouth County Police Academy David Morris and me who currently serves on the Executive Board, The Monmouth County Police Academy is flourishing with numerous activities. Currently the following recruit classes are in session: Basic Course for Police Officers – 84th Class has a class size of 68; Special Law Enforcement Officer Class II 39th Class for part time officers. currently has a class size of 64; Park Rangers Recruit Class has 16 officers – 4 from Burlington County and 12 from Monmouth County. As of this writing there are 148 law enforcement recruits being trained at this Academy. These are unprecedented numbers and have required the assistance from various law enforcement entities to ensure quality training. Certainly this has been a logistical challenge, but it has created true partnerships and outstanding commitments by so many.

            Upcoming additional scheduled recruit training classes are Special Law Enforcement Officer Class, Corrections Officers Basic Recruit Class and School Resource Recruit Class. The latter is a one week course held to train officers who work within the various school systems.

            Along with the recruit training classes, the Academy hosts numerous in-service classes for the veteran law enforcement officers. The Academy also continuously updates new training and promotes this through the use of its website, and FACEBOOK membership. The Academy is pleased to have representatives from International, Federal, State, County and local law enforcement agencies provide quality training to our constituent base.

            Additionally, The Academy also has private outside vendors who provide valuable public safety training. For example, Meridian Health trains their security personnel here during the summer months. The Joint Insurance Companies provide safety training to veteran police officers.

            The activity levels at the Academy have increased significantly. Compared to 2010 attendance and enrollment are up and revenues have more than doubled. The Board of Chosen Freeholders are committed to continuing to make improvements to the programs being offered at The Monmouth County Police Academy and to the building as well. The Board’s ultimate goal is to see that the Academy becomes the best in the state, and as it appears The Monmouth County Police Academy is well on its way.

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Birdsall Engineering’s Assets Seized

The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office has seized the assets of Birdsall Services Group, the Eatontown based  engineering and consulting firm that does did business with Monmouth County and many government entities throughout the state, according to a Star Ledger report on

The firm and seven of it’s executives, including former CEO Howard Birdsall, were indicted on felony pay to play charges on Tuesday.  The indictments allege that the firm and the executives skirted New Jersey’s ELEC regulations by having employees make political contributions below the disclosure threashold, $300, and later reimbursed the employees through bonuses. The scheme enabled the firm to accept government contracts they would have been disqualified for had the company made the political donations directly to the candidates or committees receiving the funds.

Monmouth County Assignment Judge Lawrence M. Lawson signed the order authorizing the state to seize all of the firms assests and to retain the property as evidence in a criminal proceeding subject to permanent forfeiture.

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The sin of Joe Cryan’s tawdry emails

In a column posted on yesterday,  Where is the sin in Cryan’s tawdry sex e-mails?, Star Ledger Editorial Board Editor Tom Moran argues that “the sin” is the “outrageous breach of privacy” that Cryan suffered as a result of the leaked emails.

Yes, Cryan, a Democrat from Union County, had sex with a lobbyist and tried to hide that fact for years. But we are talking about two consenting adults, neither of them married at the time. Where is the crime against humanity?

Anything goes if you’re an unmarried consenting adult and everything apparently did between Cryan and Karen Golding.  But what does it say about New Jersey that texting while driving is a crime, but fellatio while driving is not a sin?

We’ve evolved as a culture to the point that sexual acts are no longer sins or crimes, unless they involve children, money exchanging hands or the violation of a marriage vow or vow of celibacy.

Golding says that Cryan emailed her pornographic pictures from his government owned computers, but that is apparently OK, because, unlike his former office mate, former Assemblyman Neil Cohen, the pictures did not depict children.

Moran should have read beyond the tawdry emails. Golding provides evidence of possible perjury, abuse of power, judicial misconduct, and official misconduct by several in the Union County/Trenton government machine.  There is no apparent effort to investigate or prosecute these alleged crimes, but there is an announced investigation into who leaked the emails.

Evidently Cyran’s pride and privacy are more of a government priority than his actually working while on the government payroll as a Union County Under Sheriff or a State Legislator.

Cryan’s personal emailing activity from his government issue computers raises the question of how much political activity is done from those computers.  How much of his “work” as Democratric State Chairman was done while on the Union County Sheriff Office’s dime?  New Jersey residents deserve more investigating of Cryan and his protectors than Bob Ingle asking, “Where does he find the time?”

Don’t say, “Everybody does it” as a defense for using government equipment and offices to do personal and/or political business.  Everybody doesn’t do it.   I talk to many elected officials who won’t take my calls in their offices just in case the subject becomes political.  They call back from their personal cell or home phones.  Or they won’t meet me at their office, but at a restaurant accross the street.

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Q Poll: New Jersey Wants to Reelect Christie, Divided On Presidential Bid

Partisan control preference of State Legislature narrows

Support for same-sex marriage grows strongly

New Jersey voters’ affections for Governor Chris Christie are not waning, according to a Quinnipiac Poll released this morning.

70% approve of the Christie’s job performance, including 48% of Democrats.  66% think he deserves to be reelected.  Democrats narrowly side with reelecting the governor, 44%-43% with 13% unsure or not answering.

The 13% of unsure Democrats may not know who Barbara Buono is. “Corzine’s Budget Chair,” as Christie refers to the presumed Democratic gubernatorial nominee on the stump, is unknown by 79% of the electorate, including 79% of Democrats.  Of the 20% who know of Buono, only half view her favorably.  Buono’s name recognition ticked up 4 points since Q’s February poll when only half of the then 16% of voters viewed her favorably.  If this trend continues through November, Buono will be known by 56% of the voters, 28% of whom will view her unfavorably.

If the election were held today, Christie would win, 60%-25%.

41% think Christie would make a good president.  44% think he would not make a good president. 15% are unsure.  46% would like to see him run for president in 2016, 47% would rather he did not.

On the question of which party should control the State Legislature, the Democrats still win, but the trend has been moving towards the Republican Party since November.  Currently 43% favor Democratic control, 42% favor Republican control and 15% are not sure.

Support for same-sex marriage in New Jersey has grown strongly since last May when 53% told Quinnipiac they favored it and 42% opposed it.  In today’s poll, 60% favor same-sex marriage and 30% oppose.

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Christie will chaperone Prince Harry at Jersey Shore

Governor Chris Christie told his NJ 101.5 listening audience that the Prince of Wales will keep his clothes on when he visits the Jersey Shore in May.

“I am going to be spending the entire day with Prince Harry,” the governor said, “believe me, no one is going to be getting naked if i am spending the entire day with them.  I think I can assure the people of New Jersey that, much to their relief.”

Prince Harry will be visiting the United States May 9-15 to visit survivors of Superstorm Sandy and to promote charities he supports that help injured service men and women in the United States and the UK.  In addition to New Jersey, the Prince will visit New York City, Connecticut, Colorado and Washington, DC.

When Harry visited Las Vegas last August, he lost a game of strip billiards.  Nude photos of him were leaked to TMZ.

If you missed Christie on Ask the Governor, you can view the show here.  The remarks about Harry start at about the 56 minute mark.

Watch live streaming video from townsquaremedianj at
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Monmouth Democrats To Host April Fools Comedy Show

Senator Bob Menendez, left, and Congressman Frank Pallone, making like chimpmunks at the 2012 Belmar St. Patrick's parade. Photo credit Charles Measley

Senator Bob Menendez, left, and Congressman Frank Pallone, making like chimpmunks at the 2012 Belmar St. Patrick’s parade. Photo credit Charles Measley

Promising an evening of unlimited food, wine, beer and laughs, the Monmouth County Democrats are hosting a April Fools Comedy Show on Saturday April 6, 6:30 PM, at the IBEW Local 400 Union Hall in Wall Township.

The event is sponsored by Weiner Lesniak Law Firm, CME Engineering, Fairview Insurance, IBEW Local 400, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, The Asbury Park Democratic Committee, and Local 9 Plumbers and Pipefitters.

The entertainment will include 4 left-wing professional comedians and Olivia Nuzi reciting Joe Cryan’s emails.

Senator Bob Menendez and Congressman Frank Pallone will sing the theme song to Alvin and the Chimpmunks.

Tickets are $35, $60 for couples and can be purchased here.

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Prosecutor to investigate leak of Cryan’s emails

Barnes & Noble Nook photo

Barnes & Noble Nook photo

Sussex County First Assistant Prosecutor Gregory Mueller is launching an investigation into how the New York Post received copies of the salacious email exchages between Assemblyman Joe Cryan and former Corzine staffer Karen Golding, according to a report on  Mueller told the Star Ledger that the emails were sealed by Court Order.

The initial NYPost report said the emails were dropped at a reporter’s doorstep.  The story has since been updated, omitting that information.

Who is going to investigate Cryan using government computers to describe his erections?

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