State of the Art Medical Facility Opens in Hazlet

IMMEDIATE CARE Medical Walk-In creates 25 new jobs, provides quality convenient health care in the bayshore

“Our mission is to take the hassle out of going to the doctor.”

“It’s like a hospital in the mall,” exclaimed Sal Cannizzaro of the 4500 square foot medical facility he built in Hazlet’s Airport Plaza.  With 10 examination rooms, an digital X-Ray room a phelobotomy lab, the entrepeneur is obviously proud of his new baby.  “We’re even paperless with EMR (electronic medical records), the only paper you see in this office is the sign in sheet and your appointment card.  We invested $1.5 million in this facility and we’re employing 25 people.

With the real estate market in the tank Cannizzaro, a builder and developer, teamed up with his physican, Dr. Lisa Golding-Granado, MD, who also happened to be his tenant, to create IMMEDIATE CARE Medical Walk-In of Hazlet with the mission of taking the hassle out of going to the doctor.

“Dr. Golding-Granado’s office had a two week wait to get an appointment,” said Cannizzaro, “when you’re suffering and need a doctor, you can’t wait that long and the emergency room costs a forture for the patient and the insurance company.”

“We provide 98% of the top medical services that people regularly need,” said Golding-Granado, the new facility’s medical director, “be it urgent care like an infection, migraines, minor injuries and lacerations, or primary care like checking diabetes, blood pressure and providing physicals.”

“For anyone that leaves within a three to five mile radius, we provide high quality care from board certified physicians, without that hassle,” Cannizzaro explained, “you don’t need an appointment, you’re waiting only 15 minutes and we send you home in 45 minutes. We take all insurances and medicare.”

“Urgent care is for non-emergent, non-traumatic problems that need to be addressed quickly. Major traumas, heart attacks, stokes and the like are for the emergency rooms.  Urinary track infections, bronchitis, migranes and the like we can treat here quickly and more affordably,” said Golding-Granado, “we can also check your diabetes and blood pressure, perform X-Rays and Labs and provide vaccines.

The facility is open 84 hours a week, Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-9 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. till 3 p.m.

In addition to Golding-Granado, IMMEDIATE CARE is staffed with a board certified orthopedic surgeon, an osteopath certified in Sport and Family Medicine, three nurse practitioners who can prescribed meds and three RN’s.  Cannizzaro and Golding-Granado plan to add a Pediatric specialist to their staff soon.

A large crowd of business, government and community leaders were on hand last week to welcome IMMEDIATE CARE at their ceremonial grand opening.

Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce President Cliff Moore is excited to see a new business opening in Hazlet. “It is a beautiful state of the art facility that is using what was a vacant store front on Route 36,” said Moore, “they’re employing more than 25 local residents.  That’s a great combination and a welcome additon to the community.”

The grand opening may be the first of many.  IMMEDIATE CARE plans to open a physical therapy center and two more health care facilities in Monmouth County in the next 18 months on their way to building 10-12 centers in in Central New Jersey over the next few years.

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