Report of Voter Fraud in Monmouth County Early Voting

Jamey and Norman Seldin tell MMM that they witnessed voter fraud in Freehold yesterday while voting early.

From Jamey via facebook:

Art, thought you would be interested in this.  Norm & I went to Freehold to vote early today.  Got there, filled out paperwork and were given a ballot.  Never asked for an ID or anything!  We were in the room voting and an “election aide” asked a woman if she needed help filling out the ballot and she said no, “I am voting for my daughter who is out of town.”  AND THEY LET HER VOTE!!!!!

Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno reported this morning that over 4,000 Monmouth County voters made the trip to Freehold this weekend to vote early.   I wonder how many of them were voting for friends or family.

Jamey Seldin in the owner of Seldin’s Trinket’s, the best jewelery store in Red Bank.  Norm is The Original Stormin Norman, the legendary pianist, singer, songwriter and composer.

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3 Comments on “Report of Voter Fraud in Monmouth County Early Voting”

  1. Susan said at 8:19 am on November 6th, 2012:

    Art- Did you report this to the county clerk?

  2. That's said at 9:27 am on November 6th, 2012:

    what the Board of Elections is for. Just because you cast a ballot that way does not mean it will count if it ain’t kosher,when checked against the official records. This was an unprecedented election ,with an amazing effort by a small staff , and hundreds of hours accommodating new ways of voting. Do I believe there should be laws across the nation requiring every voter to show I. D.? Yes I do . Do I have confidence that Monmouth will have a fair and accurate election? Yes I do .

  3. ArtGallagher said at 10:56 am on November 6th, 2012:


    I reported it to a Board of Elections commissioner