Governor Christie’s Wednesday Evening Briefing on Hurricane Sandy

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President Obama Assesses the Hurricane Sandy Damage in NJ

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Sandy’s Aftermath in Highlands

Photography by Paul Scharff


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Governor Christie Acts to Boost Gasoline, Diesel Supplies

Waiver of Licensing Requirement Makes It Easier to Meet New Jersey Fuel Needs

Trenton, NJ –In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Governor Christie has acted to boost supplies of gasoline and diesel in New Jersey by directing Treasury officials to waive licensing requirements that affect merchants’ ability to buy fuel from out-of-state suppliers.


Under normal conditions, merchants not licensed to import fuel can’t legally buy gasoline and diesel from out of state and import it.  The waiver, which will be in place until Nov. 7, will boost storm-depleted supplies by allowing all merchants temporarily to buy fuel from out of state for their New Jersey customers.


“When shortages threaten after natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, fuel buyers need to venture farther from state borders to ensure that their customers get the gasoline and diesel they need,” Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff said.“Temporarily suspending licensing is a prudent way of empowering merchants to buy fuel farther from the state line, boosting supplies for New Jersey motorists who need fuel to get to work and do their jobs.”


Fuel merchants who buy fuel from out of state who aren’t currently licensed importers will have to document their purchases and pay required New Jersey taxes. Fuel merchants who import must fill out form MFA-12 available at the following link to register their purchases and calculate taxes:  Any questions can be addressed to the New Jersey Division of Taxation at (609) 633-8536.


Gasoline and diesel fuel supplies have tightened across the East Coast as the major pipelines and refineries in the Northeast shut down during Hurricane Sandy.  Power outages and hurricane related damage are delaying efforts to restart fuel production equipment

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Majority of NJ Transit Bus Service to Resume Thursday

80% of New Jersey’s Statewide Bus System Restored, Including Service to New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal

Trenton, NJ – The Christie Administration announced that the majority of NJ TRANSIT bus service will be restored effective Thursday, November 1, as part of the Administration’s ongoing storm assessment and restoration efforts related to NJ TRANSIT.

Additionally, the Christie Administration announced that limited Access Linkparatransit service will also resume on Thursday.


Tomorrow’s service restoration comes on the heels of the Administration’s earlier announcement that River Line light rail service resumed operations at 3 p.m. today, making trips every 30 minutes between the Walter Rand Transportation Center in Camden and Trenton Transit Center.


“This is tremendous progress,” said Transportation Commissioner and NJ TRANSIT Board Chairman James Simpson.  “We are not out of the woods by any stretch, but we will continue working around the clock to further restore service where we can safely do so.  On behalf of the entire NJ TRANSIT family, we appreciate the patience and understanding of our customers during this difficult time.”


Due to significant damage to the State’s public transportation network, NJ TRANSIT rail service will remain suspended until further notice.  Newark Light Rail and Hudson Bergen Light Rail service also remain suspended until further notice.

Bus Service:

  • Starting tomorrow,     November 1, NJ TRANSIT will restore bus service on 68 bus routes in     northern New Jersey and 18 bus routes in southern New Jersey, providing     service over the entire routes with no detours or truncations.       For a complete list, visit
  • Also tomorrow, NJ     TRANSIT will restore partial service on 58 bus routes in northern New     Jersey and 17 routes in southern New Jersey that will operate with detours     or truncations due to ongoing impacts from Hurricane Sandy.  For     details, visit
  • Bus service on routes not listed remains     suspended until further notice.  Power outages in local communities     have resulted in the loss of traffic control devices critical to safe     operation in some areas.  Downed tree limbs and power lines continue     to make many roads impassable.  Personnel are in the field reviewing     and assessing these conditions in order to ensure that service is restored     as soon as it becomes safe to do so.


Rail Service:

There is no estimated time for the resumption of service.  Service will remain suspended until further notice. Crews continue to inspect the rail infrastructure to get a full assessment of damage:

  • NJ TRANSIT’s Rail Operations Center—the     central nervous system of the railroad—was engulfed in water, which     damaged backup power supply systems, the emergency generator, and the     computer system that controls the movement of trains and power supply.
  • Local power outages have prevented NJ     TRANSIT rail operations from being able to further test crossing gates and     operating signals.
  • Hundreds of downed trees have fallen     across the rail system, which have caused damage to overhead wires and     signal wires.
  • There are rail washouts across the     system, including on the North Jersey Coast Line, Atlantic City Rail Line     as well as at Kearny Junction, the critical link which enables MidTOWN     Direct service to access the Northeast Corridor.
  • Several rail stations have sustained     flood damage, including Hoboken Terminal.
  • Morgan Drawbridge on the North Jersey     Coast Line in South Amboy sustained damage from boats and a trailer that     collided into the bridge.


Light Rail Service:

  • River Line resumed service starting at 3     p.m. today, operating every 30 minutes between Walter Rand Transportation     Center in Camden and Trenton Transit Center.  Service remains suspended     between Walter Rand Transportation Center and the Entertainment Center due     to an ongoing power outage in downtown Camden.
  • Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, Newark Light     Rail service will remain suspended until further notice.  There is     currently no estimated time for resumption of service.   Crews     continue to inspect the light rail infrastructure to get a full assessment     of damage.
  • Newark Light Rail sustained flooding in     Newark Penn Station, as well as major debris damage between Newark Penn     and Branch Brook Park stations.
  • Hudson-Bergen Light Rail experienced     track washouts at Port Imperial and West Side Avenue stations, as well as     trees in the overhead wire in Weehawken and flooding in Hoboken.

Access Link:

  • Access Link     service will resume tomorrow, November 1, in the following regions:
  • Region 2, which includes Burlington,     Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem counties.
  • Region 3, which includes Atlantic, Cape     May and Southern Ocean County.


Service Updates:


For the latest travel information, customers should listen to broadcast traffic reports, visit or access NJ TRANSIT’s Twitter feed at @NJ_TRANSIT. Additionally, NJ TRANSIT will provide the most current service information via the My Transit alert system (, which delivers travel advisories for your specific trip to your cell phone, PDA or pager. Service information is also available by calling (973) 275-5555.

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Congressman Frank Pallone Assesses The 6th District Damage

Congressman Frank Pallone Surveys Damage to His New Jersey District by The Takeaway

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Aerial Photos By Vincent Solomeno: Union Beach and Keansburg

Aerial view of Keansburg, Photo Credit: Vincent Solomeno

Brook Ave, Union Beach. Photo Credit: Vincent Solomeno
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Christie Briefing on Storm Damage and Recovery 6:30 PM

Governor Christie’s  6:30 briefing can be viewed here:

Watch live streaming video from governorchrischristie at
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Christie Administration Offers Guidance to Consumers on Filing Insurance Claims after Storm

Trenton, NJ – In the aftermath of storm Sandy, one of the most devastating storms to ever strike New Jersey, the Christie Administration and Department of Banking and Acting Insurance Commissioner Ken Kobylowski today offered guidance to New Jersey consumers on filing insurance claims to restore damaged homes and repair or replace property.

“The first consideration is safety. People should wait until it is absolutely safe to return to their homes before doing so. Once people are safely able to inspect their property, there are a few basic steps they can follow to file their insurance claims, restore their property and move forward with their lives.”

“Filing claims is a significant process, especially at a time when a  resident has  lost a home or suffered major damage to property as a result of Sandy,” Acting Commissioner Kobylowski said. “But it is essential to getting all the help that consumers are entitled to under their policies.”

“I urge consumers to contact their insurance carriers as soon as possible and get the process started. The State’s insurance companies are facing an unusual event in New Jersey, but they are prepared for an increased level of activity.”

The Acting Commissioner offered the following suggestions to New Jersey residents:

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Power Restored at Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant

Alert Status Terminated by the NRC

Trenton, NJ –The formal “alert’’ status at the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant in Lacey Township was terminated at 3:52 a.m. today after the water levels at the plant’s intake system decreased to normal levels, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has confirmed this morning.


Offsite power also has been restored to the nuclear power facility, which had lost electrical service due to Hurricane Sandy and was using backup generators to power water pumps that cool the fuel stored in the nuclear reactor.


Water levels at the plant’s intake system are now at about 3 feet and declining, below the six-foot level that triggers a formal alert notification. The rising levels were the result of high tides, wind direction and storm surge that were caused by the storm. The notification of an “alert’’ is the second lowest NRC action level.


The NRC in a statement noted that Oyster Creek was in “safe condition,’’ with agency inspectors on site.


Formal notifications of the alert were properly made, as required by the Exelon Corp, owners of the plant, to the NRC, state Department of Environmental Protection and state Office of Emergency Management.


The Oyster Creek reactor had been off-line prior to Sandy for previously scheduled refueling and maintenance operations. The DEP and NRC continue to observe operations at Oyster Creek and the state’s other nuclear facilities.

DEP nuclear engineers monitor daily operations at the state’s power plants on a regular basis and will continue to monitor their status throughout the aftermath of the storm. Under the New Jersey Radiation Accident Response Act, the DEP and State Police coordinate and implement comprehensive state, county, and municipal response to nuclear emergencies and establish requirements for protecting the public in the event of nuclear emergencies.


The state has highly trained staff ready to initiate, at a moment’s notice, an effective response to any nuclear power plant issue.

For NRC news releases on monitoring of nuclear power plants during the storm, visit:

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