Pat Caddell: The media has become the “Enemy of the Amercian People”


Full speech:

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If it’s Sunday, It’s Chris Christie

Governor Chris Christie will be appearing on the Sunday morning talk shows of ABC, CBS and NBC this weekend.

Christie will be live with George Stephanopoulos in ABC’s  “This Week”, 10am in New York and rebroadcast at 10:30 am in Philadelphia.

The interviews with CBS’s “Face the Nation” and NBC’s “Meet the Press” will be taped.  Face the Nation airs at 10:30 am in both New York and Philadelphia.  “Meet the Press” airs at 10:00 am in Atlantic City and at 10:30 am in New York and Philadelphia.

Following his live interview with Stephanopoulos, Christie is scheduled to attend the 25th Annual Governor’s Military Review at the New Jersey National Guard Training Center in Sea Girt at 11am.

Unless Stephanopoulos is broadcasting from Sea Girt, Christie will very likely be traveling from ABC’s studio in New York to Sea Girt via helicopter.  Expect Democratic whining on Monday.

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Project Veritas Video Exposes SEIU Leader Claiming That Menendez Would Blindly Fund Make Work Jobs

James O’Keefe, the independent journalist and president of Project Veritas who has exposed corruption and malfeasance at ACORN, NPR, the NJEA and Planned Parenthood , released the second video in a series that exposes corruption at SEIU yesterday.

O’Keefe secretly records his meeting with SEIU leaders as he is ostensibly seeking government funding for his project of digging ditches and refilling them.

SEIU Local 617 President Rahaman Muhammad is caught on camera exclaiming that U.S. Senator Bob Menendez would be enthusiastic about the project.

“Menendez is going to be like, ‘Oh for real? SEIU, Oh, good, great!” Muhammad says at the 1:53 mark of the video.

Menendez is not the only politician the union officials discuss.  The other is Newark Mayor Cory Booker who fares better, or worse if you believe in wasteful government spending.   Booker is not a supporter of the working class, in the assessment of the SEIU officials recorded.


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168 sick days over 14 years

David Chioda is retiring from the Marlboro Township Public Schools on Monday, according to an article in The Asbury Park Press.  For the last 14 years Chioda was the supervisor of math, science, math resources/basic skills math and world language.  His salary is $142,450.   Who knew that math, science, math resources/basic skills math and world language needs all that supervision?!

The Marlboro Board of Education has managed to find an expert in discrete mathematics to take over Chioda’s job for $115,000.

Chioda is being paid $9,795 for 168 unused sick days he accumulated without supervision over the last 14 years.  He’s getting another $4,303 for 7.25 in unused vacation days.  I wonder where he went on the .75 day vacation.

A $14,000 payout is discreet by the recent standards.  For that Marlboro taxpayers can be grateful. Chioda won’t be able to buy much of a boat with that.

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Christie’s Lacey Town Hall Meeting


Christie Tells Democratic Legislators He’s Been Nice Up To This Point

Democrats Say Even The Dead Cost Us Money

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FOUL! New Quinnipiac/CBS/NYT Poll Relies on Record Setting Democratic Turnout

By Matt Rooney, Cross-posted from Save Jersey

The mainstream media is gleefully parroting the results of a new Quinnipiac/CBS/NYT poll released yesterday afternoon showing Mitt Romney trailing Barack Obama in three key swing states (PA, OH and FL).

Trailing badly, Save Jerseyans.

But stop the presses! Unfortunately for Romney haters, this poll’s sample was absurdly unrealistic. In fact, an absolutely ideal, hugely historic Democrat turnout model could only exist in David Axelrod’s or Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s filthiest dreams. And we don’t need to go there, nor would we want to.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m grasping for straws? Okay, then don’t take my word for it. All you need to do is compare (1) the party id gap “assumed” in yesterday’s Quinnipiac/CBS/NYT with (2) published exit poll data from the past two presidential elections. I did; look what I found…



2004 –> D +3

2008 –> D +7

2012  Quinnipiac/CBS/NYT Poll –> D +9.


2004 –> R +5

2008 –> D +8

2012 Quinnipiac/CBS/NYT Poll –> D +9


2004 –> R +4.

2008 –> D +3

2012 Quinnipiac/CBS/NYT Poll –> D +9.


Do NOT believe the polls, Save Jerseyans! It’s a sick joke. I don’t know if it’s indicative of bias, stupidity, or a base desire to “create” big news and attract an audience. My suspicion is that they’re using 2008 or better-than 2008 turnout models to zap your enthusiasm.

Don’t let them get away with it.

This is a very close race. Very close.

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Active Duty Servicemen and Servicewomen Will Run To Remember The Fallen This Weekend

Active duty members of all branches of the military will embark on a 172 mile run through New Jersey this weekend to honor every New Jersey service member killed in Operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom and New Dawn.

The 4th annual NJ Run For The Fallen will commence with an opening ceremony on Friday morning at 8am at Cape May Lighthouse and close at the NJ Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Holmdel on Sunday afternoon at 4.  Along the route, groups of 3 members of the military will carry a flag while running 7 miles at the miliatry pace of 8 miles per minute.   Each mile of the run is dedicated to a NJ Hero.  A 172 mile trail is to be created with flags and personal biographical cards for each fallen soldier from New Jersey.

More information, including the route and schedule can be found here.

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Monmouth Democratic Freeholder Candidates Running to the Right of Republicans

Bill Shea, the young retired State Trooper with a disability pension who is challenging Freeholder Director John Curley for a seat on the Monmouth County Board of Freeholders, called for a 20% across the board reduction in county government spending yesterday.  Shea’s running mate, former Hazlet Mayor Kevin Lavan, said Shea’s proposal “is not out of the realm of possibility” and would depend on the results of a county audit.

Shea and Lavan were speaking yesterday to the Asbury Park Press Editorial Board where they appeared along side Curley and Freeholder Serena DiMaso.  DiMaso and Lavan are competing to complete the unexpired term of Assemblyman Rob Clifton who resigned in January upon taking office in Trenton.  DiMaso was elected by the GOP County Committee to serve in the seat until the general election results are certified.

Curley and DiMaso said such cuts would be impossible to achieve, according to APP.  They said such cuts would annihilate small county departments and cripple to county’s efforts to reduce municipal spending with shared services.


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Poll biases: It’s not just the sampling weights

As some national polls show President Obama widening his lead in his race for another term, much has been made about the sampling weights that pollsters use.  Analysts on the left insists the polls are accurate.  nalysts on the right say the polls are inaccurately favoring Obama by assuming his supporters will come out on election day in the same numbers as they did in 2008.

But its not just weighting that reveals a pollster’s bias.  The way the question is asked also makes a difference.

In a Monmouth University/Asbury Park Press  poll  about the 2013 New Jersey gubernatorial race released this morning, pollster Patrick Murray asked if voters were “bothered” with how Governor Chris Christie interacts with his critics and detractors.

Thinking about Chris Christie’s style and not his policies, does the way he speaks to or about people who disagree with him bother you personally or not bother you? [If BOTHER: Is that a lot or just a little?]

63% of respondents said they weren’t bothered by Christie’s style.  23% said they were bothered a LOT and 11% said they were bothered a LITTLE.  Given the way Murray asked the question, one could conclude that 74% of New Jersey voters are indifferent about Christie’s style.

In his narrative of the poll, which sets the tone for how much of the lazy lefty media covers it, Murray highlights his spin on Christie’s style.

“NEW JERSEY ON CHRISTIE’S STYLE: ‘MEH!’ ” is Murray’s headline.   His opening sentence:

Governor Chris Christie’s job approval rating has ticked up a few points in the latest Monmouth University/Asbury Park Press Poll and few New Jerseyans are particularly bothered by the way he deals with people who disagree with him.

Notice the use of the word few.

Christie’s numbers are the highest they ever been in a Monmouth poll. 55% of registered voters approve of the governor’s performance. 36% do not approve.

Yet Murray spins the results to read that a few people like him better and a few people are bothered about how he talks to people who don’t agree with him.  The few who are bothered take top billing over the fact disclosed but not reported that Christie’s numbers are better than ever in Murray’s poll.

What does that tell you?

The Asbury Park Press’s coverage of the poll leads with the “bothered” question.

The headline at for an Associated Press story is Christie’s approval rating up slightly, poll says.

To their credit, PolitickerNJ cut through Murray’s spin and covers the poll results very well.   They reported the real news of the poll results;  New Jersey’s sagging economy is not hurting Christie’s popularity with voters and that of potential Democratic challengers in 2013, only Newark Mayor Cory Booker and former acting Governor Richard Codey have sufficient name recognition to be considered credible candidates for governor next year.

What if instead of asking if voters were bothered by Christie’s style, Murray asked if they liked his style?   If Murray had done that, the headline would be:


New Jersey voters like his style

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Obama’s been lying about Libya. Romney calls for candor and transparency with American people

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