President Clinton’s Chief of Staff: Paul Ryan is Amazing

“Ryan’s budget is just like he is; honest, straightforward, sincere”

“No one took Obama’s budget very seriously”

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6 Comments on “President Clinton’s Chief of Staff: Paul Ryan is Amazing”

  1. Joe Killeen said at 6:22 pm on August 14th, 2012:

    Art- I can only ascribe your posting of the shortened version of the above video to the rush of activity taking place over the last few days.
    The below statement and following link should let those who wish to see the entire video come to their own conclusions about the equanimity of the speaker rather than this edited version.
    Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) — A September 2011 speech addressing Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal by Erskine Bowles, co-chair of President Obama’s Deficit Commission, has made its way around conservative political circles since the Wisconsin congressman was tabbed as Republican Mitt Romney’s running-mate. In the minute-long clip posted on YouTube, Bowles calls Ryan’s budget proposal ‘a sensible, straightforward, serious budget.’ In this extended version above, Bowles also deems Ryan’s plan ‘drastic’ and ‘a radical change.’ Video courtesy Univ. of North Carolina via YouTube.

  2. Mlaffey said at 6:47 pm on August 14th, 2012:

    sensiblwe, straightforward, serious,drastic and a radical change sounds to me like all those adjectives are good. That is exactly the type of budget we need.

    Paul Ryan is the real deal. If he and Romney win I predict 16 years of
    Republican presidents.

  3. Joe Killeen said at 7:07 pm on August 14th, 2012:

    16 years of Vegas Rules. Interesting.

  4. Proud Republican said at 8:53 pm on August 14th, 2012:

    Good God up in heaven, can anyone decipher Joe Killeen’s posts?????

  5. Joe Killeen said at 9:57 pm on August 14th, 2012:

    Simple on this topic-
    1st- points out that the featured video was an edited down version of the full talk. The full talk included the edited version as well as a fair and balanced comparison and factual discussion of the differences in social and financial terminology.

    2nd- point the overwhelming majority of money being pumped into ads and the types of “infomercials” represented by the edited video featured is coming from Sheldon Adelstein, Las Vegas and world gambling impresario who knows the value of a stacked deck. Vegas Rules.
    Come on, this one was a slam dunk to understand.

  6. Rick Ambrosia said at 7:03 am on August 15th, 2012:

    And….David Stockman (Reagan Administration) thinks its a BS budget plan….