Shameful, blatant sexism

By Art Gallagher

I am ashamed to have some of you as readers and commenters on this blog.  If the shoe fits, please go away and don’t come back.  I don’t care if you’re one of the many who visit here 20 times per day and drive my traffic up.  You make me sick.

Disrespectfully, the number of children Mr. and Mrs. Hanlon are raising is irrelevent to anybody expect the Hanlons, as far as Christine seeking the office of Monmouth County Republican Chair is concerned.

The blantant sexism exhibited in the comments in the various posts about the chair’s race, especially from women, is shameful.

As the eldest of four children of the first, if not the first, woman to serve as President of a Board of Education in New Jersey, while my father was a council member in our town, I am deeply offended by these comments. That was in the 1960′s and 1970′s.

How will Christine handled it? None of your business. That’s how. Unless the Hanlons want to share that information in order to empower other couples to serve, its none of your frickin business.

Public service, when it is service, is a family endeavor, enterprise and sacrifice.  When it is service, it is a noble calling and a family affair.

The next person, and each and every other, who brings up the Hanlon family, as if it is a detriment to Mrs. Hanlon’s candidacy, is banned from commenting. Forever.

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