Sen. Kyrillos Participates In Roundtable Discussion on Education Reform

Middletown— Senator Joe Kyrillos (R- Monmouth/Middlesex) this weekend reiterated his call for the Legislature to enact reforms to New Jersey’s public education system in the closing weeks of the 2010-2011 legislative session at a roundtable discussion on principal and teacher evaluations at Princeton University.

“New Jersey is a national leader in student achievement,” said Kyrillos, “yet too many students still move through the system without receiving the quality education to which they are entitled. Reforming our public education system will not just make the good schools better, it will help children trapped in failing school districts obtain the education they need to build better lives and futures.”

Senator Kyrillos provided opening remarks to the forum, “Leading the Charge”, hosted by education reform advocates Better Education for Kids, Students First, and Princeton Students for Education Reform. They day’s panel discussions included public school teachers and administrators, representatives of the Department of Education, as well as leaders from the American Federation of Teachers and New Jersey Education Association.

Kyrillos said he is proud to sponsor two bills that are part of Governor Christie’s education reform agenda, the Opportunity Scholarship Act and the School Children First Act. “Quality education starts with an effective teacher in every classroom. That is why it is so important that we modernize teacher evaluations, tenure protections, and pay structure to value student achievement over seniority. In addition, children in chronically failing districts need options to improve the instruction they’re receiving immediately. The Opportunity Scholarship Act will provide these students an opportunity to enter a high quality school setting in the short term while we work to fix the systemic problems that are all too common in certain districts in New Jersey.”


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2 Comments on “Sen. Kyrillos Participates In Roundtable Discussion on Education Reform”

  1. Lois said at 5:15 pm on November 21st, 2011:

    Question(s): were there “sides” in this forum? If so, what did each add to the discussion? Who’s trying to “move forward in a positive direction”? Where was there agreement….—resistance….??

    i think we’re all familiar with the point of holding such a round table–that there are failures in the system, and a definite need for reforms to be implemented. How’s that going?

    With no change in the composition of the Senate or the Assembly, what are the chances that Sr. Kyrillos’ bills will go forward?

    Who among our Legislators is on board with DOING something to make a difference for the kids we are failing?

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