No Passion For Pallone

If turnout at pre-election rallies are an indicator of voter turnout, Anna Little will be the Congresswoman from the 6th district of New Jersey during the 112th Congress.

Last night at the Shore Casino in Atlantic Highlands some 300  Republicans, Tea Partiers and Independents rallied with Little, the Monmouth County ticket of Sheriff Shaun Golden, Freeholder candidates Rob Clifton and Tom Arnone and the Atlantic Highlands Council ticket of Lou Fligorand Jake Hoffman.   Across the hall, 30 people (a generous estimate) mingled with Frank Palloneand the Monmouth County and Atlantic Highlands Democratric candidates.

300 are expected again tonight for the GOP team at Bachstadt’s in Middletown with Governor Christie.  If the Monmouth Democrats are rallying tonight they won’t have a headliner.  Presidents Obama and Clinton are elsewhere.  Corzine wasn’t invited.

Turnout will be the key to victory.  All signs point to a broken glass turnout for Republicans, i.e. Republican voters will crawl through broken glass to vote.  There are no signs of Democratic voters being so motivated.

I’ve been worried about Plainfield where Democrats outnumber Republicans 12-1.  Plainfield has been part of the district since the last census in 2000.  Pallone has ignored it until very recently.  There is no passion for Pallone in Plainfield. 

Reading the popular blog Plainfield Today, I learned that the Democrats are divided there after a contentious primary where the “New Democrats” defeated the establishment lead by Assemblyman Jerry Green for the local offices.  There is no competitive local race to boost turnout in Plainfield. That race was won in June and the anti-establishment sentiment prevailed.  While there is reason to be cautiously optimistic about Plainfield, I still praying for a snow storm there and only there.

In Middlesex County, the Republicans are running their best campaign in memory.  They have a legitimate shot of cracking the Democratic stronghold in that county which will boost both Little and NJ-12 candidate Scott Sipprelle.

Murray Sabrin says that if Little wins the GOP will pick up 100 seats in the House. I hope that happens.  However, and I could be wrong, but from where I sit Little shocks everybody and defeats Frank Pallone by a larger margin than Scott Sipprelle defeats Rush Holt and by a larger margin than Jon Runyan defeats John Adler.  There is no passion for Pallone.  There is plenty of passion against Pallone.  There is even more passion for Little.

Little’s MONEY BOMB that we started on Friday night has raised over $9000 as of this morning.  Let’s double, or better, today.  Donate here.

More importantly, turn out the vote.  Talk to your friends, families and co-workers.  Make it happen.

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5 Comments on “No Passion For Pallone”

  1. Mlaffey said at 1:11 pm on November 1st, 2010:

    Murray Sabrin, Peggy Noonan and other pundits act as if Anna winning is a near miracle.
    Those of us on the Anna Bandwagon from day 1 don’t view her win as unexpected.
    She is the right candidate at the right time in the right place.

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  3. Rick Ambrosia said at 1:51 pm on November 1st, 2010:

    Last time I looked, she hasn’t won anything yet.

  4. There's also said at 3:29 pm on November 1st, 2010:

    the annual Neptune City GOP’s Pre-victory rally at Kelly’s Tavern, many are going there for Mayor/ future Freeholder Tom Arnone first, and then heading up to Keansburg: a plethora of exciting GOP events to be part of, these next two days!..yes, when we saw the pink(?) balloons and green signs in HALF the space the other side usually takes at the Shore Casino, it warmed the cockles of one’s heart!..and, as for Plainfield,we can always hope a natural gas leak or some other emergency keeps Plainfield inside, and/ or fliers could be dropped telling people to vote on the 3rd!!( just kidding/wishful thinking!)- we can/will win this time, even with the uninformed being dragged out by the goons…. looking for amazing Monmouth numbers, word has it the absentees are looking good, based on the GOP’s mailer/app’s..put on your “lucky” hat, shirt, sweater or whatever’s worked in the past, and join in what NEEDS to be our best year, maybe, ever!.. if we all call just 2 extra folks each, and be sure they vote, wow!.. thanks, Art, for all the coverage, and, how about putting a dollar sign $ in front of Mrs. Pallone’s salary number on your masthead??..

  5. Fact Check! said at 5:18 pm on November 1st, 2010:

    Anna Little’s been nothing but a winning vote-GETTER each time she ran: Council, Freeholder, Mayor, and now Congress, for Heaven’s sake! -trust me,many people envy her smarts and tenacity: she pulls out all stops, and has no problem totally organizing, focusing, and busting her beans with the actual grunt-work, not acting like everyone else has to work, (as some candidates do), to win- and, she will always fight to the death on principle..all characterisitcs SORELY lacking in the sorry bunch down there, now!!…. you may or may not agree with her platform, but there’s no denying her guts, heart, and commitmemt!.. good for her: had ol’ Flatfoot dropped dead on a golf course, like his predessessor did, all the scaredy-cats/egos would’ve come flying out of the woodwork to stomp on each other, to take his place!..but,she took a very long shot, built an amazing organization, drawing in many new people to the process,and raised enough to run a credible, no, admirable race!.. win or lose, she has brought voter attention and education very badly-needed, to CD6: hopefully, even this in a loss would be a part of her legacy, for fighting this good fight.. good for you,Anna, sincere congrats on an amazing job,and, hey, paybacks may be a bitch, to those who tried to destroy her in the past!! ..just a few more hours, to go-fight-WIN!