Push Pallone Out – Pull Little In

By Bill Thorne, Ocean Twp.

The time is getting closer for Pallone to exit stage left and Little to enter stage right, much like their political ideologies.  Pallone, as many long term politicians before him, has lost his way and become a victim of a malady known as “I know what’s best for the people.”  They totally lose sight of the will of the people, thinking of them as little lost sheep who couldn’t possibly know where they are, how to get home, or what they want.  So the politician takes on the role of the good shepherd, not only to lead them, but to tell them what they should want.  Pallone has reached that stage where he no longer represents what the people want, but actually believes that he knows much better what the people should want and have.


This is exactly why it is time for Congressman Pallone to exit this position and be replaced by someone who knows and recognizes the importance of representing all of the people and what they want.  Fortunately, our form of government has a process for the orderly change of representatives who have lost sight of that role.  


We now have the good fortune on November 2nd, to participate in an election for someone who understands and will work to represent all the people based on what the people want.  That person is Anna Little.  I encourage everyone to vote for Anna Little for Congress to bring us back to what a representative form of government is supposed to be – Of the People, By the People and For the People.

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