US Communist Party specifically touts Pallone

Submitted by “Comrade Pallone”

I kid you not! Communist Party USA. Follow the link. Not that this should be news that he is ‘Progressive’ as in ‘progress to communism.’



When the Communist Party says @FrankPallone is a good example we have a problem in #NJ6 Vote @Little4Congress #tcot



Liberal blog site Daily Kos commenter lauds Pallone being ‘a good progressive’ with ‘a good progressive voting record.’

 Pallone has been a good progressive with a good voting record. Little sure sounds like trouble.


And, indeed, Pallone is a Progressive Caucus Member.


Pallone famously said: “I’m going to run on my record”

How’s THAT going, Frank?

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More proof that the lame Asbury Park Press is in the tank for Pallone

The Neptune Nudniks are promoting an anti-Anna Little video in their Sunday edition, with a link on their website, that refers to Little with a sexual slur.  The five minute video has so many copyright violations that YouTube wouldn’t host it.  You would think Hollis Towns, the head nudnik, would know better.  Apparently not.

I’d embed the video if not for the blatant copyright violations.  Like Frank Pallone’s negative ads, I think this video would win Little more votes that it would cost her.

The video was made by Hazlet resident Yetta Weissen who says she’s a film maker.  A real film maker would not steal other artists property with impunity as Weissen does with this vulgar and amateurish production.  She told the Nudniks that she has been too busy with her day job and her film making to be engaged in the NJ-6 campaign.  She made the video, she says, as a reaction to a friend saying, “I don’t know, I’m just going to vote Republican.”

Weissen’s day job was with Focus World International, a Holmdel based marketing research firm in 2008 when she donated $276 to the Obama campaign.

As an proof of how lame and irrelevant the Nudniks have become, as of 1:20 this afternoon only 53 people have viewed the video today, including me.

If you must view the video, I’ve given you enough information to find it yourself.

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Credit Check Bill Is Bad Law

The Associated Press has a story this morning that has been picked up my several New Jersey news outlets about NJ Assembly Bill #A2561.  The bill would prohibit most employers from requiring credit checks as part of the evaluation process of potential employees.   The bill passed the Assembly Labor Committee on October 14.  It has yet to be scheduled for a vote by the full Assembly.  Similar legislation failed to pass  the Senate Labor Committee on May 27th.

Advocates of the bill say that allowing employers to run credit checks on potential employees prevents people whose credit histories has been hurt by periods of unemployment from getting back on their feet.   They are wrong about that.  The effect of this bill, which would impose fines on violators of $5,000 for a first offense and $10,000 for each subsequent offense, will be to make hiring decisions more difficult, should it become law.

Senator Shirley Turner (D-Mercer) , a strong supporter of the Senate bill, said it “would help if we had legislators who were unemployed.  We’d be a little more sympathetic to this kind of requirement.”    What would be really helpful is if we had more legislators who owned businesses that employ people.

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NRA Endorses Anna Little For Congress

James Hogan has the details

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Anna’s Money Bomb Update

Jane Frotten, Anna Little’s campaign Treasurer, just called to report that the campaign has received $4,731 via the website since we declared a MONEY BOMB last night.

Let’s keep it going!  Every donation helps keep Anna on TV and radio through Tuesday.  All of the polls indicate that the more people know Anna the more support she picks up. 

Donate here. Donate again if you can, financially and legally. $2400 per person is the maximum donation allowed by law.

Email this post to your friends and family and ask them to donate. Click here and the post will open as its own page. Copy the url from your browser and copy it in your email.  Put this link on your facebook and twitter pages.

Frank Pallone is not looking out for you!  He’s looking out for himself!

Send him packing by donating here.

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Patrick Murray on a Little victory over Pallone: “it could well happen”

Media Buzz Helps Little in Final Days Of Campaign

By Art Gallagher

Patrick Murray, director Monmouth University Polling Institute told the Wall Street Journal that Anna Little’s election to Congress from New Jersey’s 6th district “could well happen” in a piece published online today.

In New Jersey, 11-term Democratic Rep. Frank Pallone has seen his lead over the Republican tea-party favorite Anna Little narrow rapidly as undecided independents have broken in Ms. Little’s favor.

“If Little wins, it will represent a complete annihilation of the Democrats in this race, and it could well happen,” says Patrick Murray, who directs the state’s Monmouth University Polling Institute. Across the state, he said, “independents are going for Republicans more than I’ve ever seen before.”

Murray produced two widely quoted polls on the NJ-6 race earlier this month.  The first had Frank Pallone leading Little by 12%, the second by 7%.

As the campaign moves into its final days, the Little’s grassroots fueled campaign is has caught the media’s attention. WNBC and MSNBC covered the race this week.  Peggy Noonan featured Little in her widely read WSJ column earlier this week. Noonan’s weekly WSJ column is usually reprinted in the NY Post on Sunday. News12 hosted a debate, a “conversation” they called it, between the candidates last evening which will be rebroadcast tonight and tomorrow night at 8.

Notable exceptions to the media coverage of the NJ-6 race are the New Jersey daily newspapers and their websites.   CNN’s website is relying on this blog, Poltickernj and Blue Jersey for its local election news in both the 6th and the 12th districts due to the dearth of coverage from, and

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Pallone: Health Care Is Not Obama’s Bill or Pelosi’s Bill, It’s My Bill!

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A Message From The Republican Indian Committee and The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

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Little and Pallone Square Off On News12

Anna Little and Frank Pallone went head to head in the News12 studio live last evening.  If you missed it, it will be replayed at 8PM tonight and Sunday night.

Pallone twitted that the debate makes our choice on Tuesday very clear.  Frankie’s finally catching on.

The “share” link below will take you to a clip.


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Happy Birthday Frank!


Today is Frank Pallone’s 59th birthday.   Leave a greeting.

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