Neptune Township Campaign, A Campaign Of Distinction, Sharp Distinctions…

 By Warren Lapp, Candidate for Neptune Township Committee


Here we are, just about one month out from the Election. While I continue to door knock & greet Neptune’s voters, I’m going to try as much as possible to share my views on issues via the press. If you don’t find them here, you can always find them on my website. Most importantly, you will find a sharp contrast between me & the Democrat candidates.

The first sharp distinction I’ll draw is with regards to my civic activity compared to my opponent Eric Hougtaling. Only recently has Eric been on the scene at a couple of township committee meetings, only since he became a candidate. I’ve been to more than 100 committee meetings over the years and I served 2+ years on the planning board. I’ve been an active member of the Shark River Hills Property Owner’s Association for years as well. Though I do recognize Eric’s long ago involvement in Little League, where has he been lately? You deserve better, someone up on current events and issues.

Another difference is how I want to deal with YOUR money. You see, the Neptune Democrats continue to act as if it’s THEIR money. We’ve seen that with recent tax and fee increases. We’ve seen that with the interest in parking meters and now a hotel tax, which hurts Ocean Grove the most. Yes, I am all for finding new sources of revenues, but not on the backs of residents and businesses who know better how to spend their own money, especially in difficult economic times.

That’s why I propose putting the brakes on a hotel tax while we look at a substantial revenue producing ideas such as red light cameras, which have proven very successful in other towns. Make the bad guys pay, not the good guys. As one voter commented to me recently, “just for the agita they gave us, the Democrats deserve ousting. They think of Ocean Grove as a cash cow.”  

Our township employees have given a lot in cutbacks, yet feel that the Neptune Democrats aren’t listening to them. After all, they are a 5 & 0 Majority. Why bother listening? Instead of just taking away compensatory time for certain administrators, the Committee gave them a pay increase. Rank and file township employees have experienced the belt-tightening. Perhaps it’s time for more from our administrators. 

I’ll listen. Why?

This campaign is about YOU, the voter, not what some politician is going to do for you. We’ve seen from Washington on down, that our elected officials are not listening to the voters. I have a survey up on my campaign website soliciting ideas, and already; we’ve gotten some pretty good ones. Have the Neptune Democrats ever really asked for your opinion? Rather, they would serve to press their ideas on you.

Neptune Residents, visit the website, take the survey & look at my positions on the issues. I’m sure you’ll find a pleasant surprise when compared to my opponents. On November 2nd, make just one vote for township committee. Vote for Warren Lapp to send a message that others in Neptune deserve a voice. I will be that voice.

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6 Comments on “Neptune Township Campaign, A Campaign Of Distinction, Sharp Distinctions…”

  1. Michael S. Golub said at 9:11 pm on September 24th, 2010:

    We need to elect individuals that clearly understand representing ALL the taxpayers of any community is a responsibility that entails offering more opportunity for the residents to be heard and supported, not less! Seeing good people, who exhibit no disrespect and arogance, intimidated and shouted down at meetings as well as threatened with removal, because all they wanted was tangible answers to questions and solutions to issues, and are simply not getting them. This is not too much to ask for. I thought the primary focus of the job was to articulate a vision, deliver on promises and be held accountable for what ensues? The current committee members aren’t bad people, most of them are just not very good at governing Neptune Township. I don’t keep employees on the books solely because they’re nice. Interpersonal skills are a component of character and ability, but at the end of the day we make excuses or results, no one makes both. Likewise I don’t keep people around just because they yes me to death either. Depending on who you are, (political affiliation) and where you live, (location, location, location) you are probably getting too much of one or the other. (I know you’ve noticed) I’ve known Warren Lapp for more than a few years. This guy has the skill set to schedule Neptune Township for success. He doesn’t know how to fail, if provided with the right resources, time and assets that are needed. This guy is up to the job! Hard work and straight talk with an honest & sincere interst in all of Neptune Township. That’s the 2010 recipe for the future.

  2. JustifiedRight said at 9:43 am on September 26th, 2010:

    Doesn’t footnote 6 of this case from the Appellate Division note the Neptune Republicans shouting people down at a meeting by “rancourous exchanges?”

    That’s not a very professional way of treating people when taking their property by Eminent Domain.

    Warren Lapp was on the planning board when that happened and not once objected to the way the property owners were being treated.

    Here’s the case:


    I have the transcript if anyone is interested in reading it.

  3. Freespeaker76 said at 12:33 pm on September 26th, 2010:

    Justified, if what you want is purism in the Republican Party; especially in Neptune, I suspect you will be looking for a long time.

    From what I understand of the case, and the people who owned the property before you; they would have GLADLY taken a deal to move elsewhere out of that God Forsaken intersection.

    But, are you specifically saying Mr. Lapp was “shouting down people?” Somehow, I don’t see that in him.

    Are you holding him responsible for OTHER’S actions? That’s how I understand it happened.

    The BIG picture is that in Neptune, some change is really needed; and not the kind that the Democrats bring to the table.

  4. Justified Right said at 3:38 pm on September 26th, 2010:

    Actually Freespeaker the prior owners did move; 30 years ago. They put their property up on the open market and got a fair price for it – something the Neptune Republicans tried to deny my family.

    You know who else thought it was a good deal? The condo developer.

    Now – is how badly someone else wants your property really the way to judge whether the town should take it by Eminent Domain? The whole point of the objection is the denial to the property owner the right to sell their property whithin the free market system.

    I guess Neptune Republicans who voted that night aginst us just don’t care about the free market system.

    As for your assertion that that part of Neptune is “God forsaken” I suppose I’ll have to leave that to you and your God.

    I look at that area and I see lots of small businesses who supported their families for years, and the families of their workers, many of them Neptune Township residents.

    My God certainly didn’t forsake Neptune.

    As for Warren Lapp not objecting during the planning board hearing – he’s a big boy. Nothing stopped him from objecting to the “back room deal” that went on that night (that’s not hyperbole; it’s referred to in the appellate court decision) and nothing stopped him from objecting when other members were hurling barbs at us.

    Hey – good luck to Warren. If he wins he wins. But that vote is part of his record. There’s nothing unfair about bringing it up.

  5. Freespeaker76 said at 4:23 pm on September 26th, 2010:

    To clarify, Justified; and I quote:

    out of that God Forsaken intersection.


    I did not say section of town. Again, all of the other stuff, you have some points, but there comes a point where one has to move on. I don’t see tearing down a good candidate over just one issue. There’s more to Warren than that, and YOU know that.

  6. Michael S. Golub said at 11:24 pm on September 29th, 2010:

    I have immense respect and admiration for all the businesses locate along the Route 35 corridor at the North Channel of the Shark River. With that said it is important to understand that most heavy traveled neighborhhods and commericial districts change and evolve over time. Does anyone remember Gatta’s Liquors on Route 35 in Midtown, Neptune? Would they get a Planning Board approval for that now, or a variance from the Zoning Board of Adjustment? NOT! The sites that Midway Ice & Fuel as well as Pilot Electric currently operate on obviously functions for them. But to what degree? Is it a perfect situation for the businesses themselves, or for the passenger traffic that ultizes the roadway directly adjacent to their property? NO! In all truth the Neptune Township Committee at that time was working on a plan to potentially relocate a few businesses to other locations that would have been as valuable, if not worth much more, than the ones they occupy presently. It is true that the DOT had previously rattled it’s sabers about acquiring those few properties to augment and improve the traffic pattern, well before the Strategic Redevelopment Plan for Neptune Township was ever written. It is also true that the principles of those businesses were able to successfully stop that planned acqusition. Eventually the State of New Jersey will be back! I was told this as recently as two years ago. At that time the deal will almost assuredly focus primarily on fair market value for each property seperately. That being defined as the land minus whatever expenses are associated with clean-up of any possible or potential contamination. I know the owners of Midway well and consider their family as dear friends. It is my feeling that the possibility of this acquisition occuring without the proper amount of compensation to these business owners is entirely possible, if not probable. For every individual property that is acquired in a contested and non-cooperative fashion there are probably dozens of sales that are transacted that actually help the property owner(s) and assist them in meeting the rigorous demands involving the conveyance of property. The real bitter pill to swallow here is that the proper respect was not extended to these property owners at that time, by the Township’s Administrator, Economic Development Coordinator and Chairman of the Economic Development Corporation. Of course this wasn’t known by me until about a week ago, at which time i spoke with one property owner. Shame on me for not following through on my insticts to see that the Township’s paid professionals representatives were acting accordingly on behalf of the Residents and Taxpayers, with as much urgency in establishing specific focus on assuring the property owners that we were there to help them, and provide an opportunity for their business to appreciate in value. That function wasn’t Warren’s responsibility or anyone else on the Planning Board. That responsibility rested with me, as Deputy Mayor, along with the rest of the Township Committee. STORY: Three birds decide to leave home and fly south for the winter. Two leave and the third stays behind. December comes around and it’s real cold outside! The remaining bird stands under a tree complaining rather loudly. He draws the attention of a squirell, who is upset that the bird is making so much noise, and so late at night. The squirell takes a crap on the bird and the bird cries out in anger. Then the bird says, “Hey wait a minute this is crap, but it’s cold outside and this crap is warm” By then it is too late! A cat comes by and waves the bird arround in a puddle of water and then eats it. The moral of the story… Not everyone who puts you in crap is your enemy! Not everyone who takes you out of crap is your friend! and when your in crap, work it out quietly and cooperatively! Tommy you’re a very good man, with a good mind and spirit. I hope your family continues to do well and prosper. As much as I hope that your business stays where you choose it to stay, it’s my belief that eventually it’s moving. If not faciltated by the Township, then by the State. It will be a “matter of record” that you were offered an option that you chose not to take advatage of. At that time I pray the loss in minimal and the damage repairable. Warren isn’t the one to pick on. He was judging the vision and intent of the Plan. The processes and procdures that were either undertaken or not were the sole responsibility of others elected to office to assign, monitor and report back on. That was where the breakdown occured. I don’t blame the mailman because someone I love didn’t send me a birhday card. The Planning Board is a messenger and a vehicle for the municipal government to deliver it’s plan for the town. To take shots at Mr. Lapp is neither jusified or right. This is one of those few times I hate being correct, but the record needs to be kept accurate and pure and not spun so bitterly and vindictive.
    As always, my best to the entire family!