Pallone Turns His Back On America

By Susan Christopher, Asbury Park

Congress leaves Washington without voting to extend the Bush tax cuts. Who was responsible for casting the deciding vote, none other than Congressman of CD6, Frank Pallone, who by the way mimicked Nancy Pelosi’s vote once again!


With our economy being in the fragile state it’s in, this is the worst possible news for America. What this means for us is this, the two major tax-cutting bills, the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001, and the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 will be phased out come December 31st.  According to Forbes Magazine, these two laws cut taxes across the board for earned income, long-term capital gains and dividends. The law also expands the child tax credit, eliminates the “marriage penalty” by giving couples filing jointly twice the deduction, and many taxpayers will lose as much as 80% of their itemized deductions depending on their income. Democrats like Frank Pallone would like us to believe that only the top two brackets will face higher taxes should the Bush cuts laps, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! The reality is,   rates will go up for everyone including the lower and middle class, bringing greater havoc to our economy.  This is Frank Pallone’s agenda and it proves he is dangerous for America. 


In a September 30th article titled, Little: Pallone Cast Deciding Vote To Adjourn, Before Acting To Prevent Massive Tax Hike, Republican Congressional challenger Anna Little, sharply criticized her opponent, Frank Pallone. She states, “Today Frank Pallone showed why it’s time for him to leave Congress. With an economy in the ruts, his deciding vote will lead to continued uncertainty about the nation’s job creators, and will make job creation that much more difficult in the weeks and months to come.”


It is time for Americans to take a stand!  The voters of Congressional District 6 should ask themselves; do we want more of Frank Pallone’s economic progressive agenda or do we want a candidate who knows fiscal responsibility and truly cares about Americans? On November 2nd we must get out the vote for Anna Little. The only way to rid ourselves of the existing scourge is to vote them out of office!  This is the power granted all Americans by the Constitution. Unlike the Healthcare Bill, it is a relatively short document but it speaks volumes. This is the wonderful, democratic process we live by, WE THE PEOPLE…


God Bless America!

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Conservatives Are Crazy

Editors Note: When I relaunched this blog on September 7 I announced that dissenting views were welcome, in the comments and via submissions.  Until now, only my friend Vin Gopal has taken me up on a submission.

 This piece was sent to me by “NJ Team Obama” and written by “Danny Democrat”

A 2003 study published by the American Psychological Association concluded that political conservatism is rooted in “fear and aggression, dogmatism and the intolerance of ambiguity” and other psychological factors.

According to the article, “Political Conservatism as Motivated Social Cognition,” four researchers who culled through 50 years of research literature report that the core of the right-wing ideology is the resistance to change and a tolerance for inequality.

The emergence of the Tea Party movement has ignited passion among the most extreme adherents of conservatism in Republican politics, a phenomenon ending the careers of many longtime GOP establishment politicians.

Terror management is another psychological factor that influences conservatism, along with a need for certainty and cognitive closure.   These primal instincts help define what makes a political conservative at a time in history when human survival probably depends upon a greater adherence to logic and reason.

Research has shown that people in a state of distress by nature are prone to the allure of charismatic leaders but it’s hard to imagine what would have happened if unbridled emotions drove the Kennedy white House in October 1962 instead of cool intellect.

Tea bag conservatives reject science as part of their blind loyalty to discredited anti-intellectual ideas and self-righteous faith-based morality, because by not allowing facts to dillute their perspective, they achieve the certainty they prize.

The leading tea baggers exhibit ultra-conservative craziness that seems to be overlooked by many voters who would normally object the their agenda: Ken Buck, Christine O’Donnell, Rand Paul, Sharron Angle,Carl Paladino, Mike Lee, Joe Miller, Marco Rubio and others.

Colorado Republican Ken Buck wants to outlaw birth control and a common fertility treatment and he says teenage rape victims should be forced to have babies.

Republicans advocate a regressive 30 percent sales tax on everything you buy – which they call ‘the fair tax’ — while cutting income taxes again for the richest three percent of the people, tax breaks for multinational corporations that export American jobs. Regressive taxes make the poorest pay higher rates than the wealthy so Republicans are entirely disconnected from the American people, even if some Democratic incumbents have disappointed many people.

Republicans want to repeal President Obama’s Wall Street reforms, repeal the new rules that stop insurance companies from dumping sick children, repeal changes  helping America’s war veterans — and then they want to tie down the administration with subpoenas and investigations that will preclude the president from solving any real problems facing Americans.

Social Security and Medicare are one again in the Republican crosshairs, with Rep. John Boehner, the top Republican in Congress, planning to cut benefits and raise the retirement age.

The author of the GOP agenda, Paul Ryan, has put a plan on the table would end Medicare as we know it and leave the nation’s seniors to the private insurance industry.

Most of these ideas are well outside the main stream but if Democrats keep pushing for health reform, jobs creation, restrictions on Wall Street and credit cards — essentially all the things they stand for — then they could be in for more than a political fight.

Nevada Republican Sharron Angle said armed rebellion against the federal government saying, “if this Congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking toward those Second Amendment remedies…”  and she sought support from members of a right-wing extremist group, “The Oath Keepers,” whose members are police or military personnel who believe they need not follow orders and which was formed “In response to the obscene growth of federal power and to the absurdly totalitarian claimed powers of the Executive…”

Perhaps to enable ‘those Second Amendment remedies,’ for political New Jersey state Sen. Jeff Van Drew wants to make it easier for residents to carry handguns.

The bizarre policy positions are weighted with even more extreme anti-government craziness. According to a Sothern Pverty Law Center report: “U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said she feared that the president was planning ‘reeducation camps for young people,’ while U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.), evoking memories of the discredited communist-hunter Sen. Joseph McCarthy, warned of 17 ’socialists’ in Congress.”

The same report stated:

[Fox News host Glenn] Beck is just one of the well-known cable TV news personalities to air fictitious conspiracies and other unlikely Patriot ideas. CNN’s Lou Dobbs has treated the so-called Aztlan conspiracy as a bona fide concern and questioned the validity of Obama’s birth certificate despite his own network’s definitive -debunking of that claim. On MSNBC, commentator Pat Buchanan suggested recently that white Americans are now suffering “exactly what was done to black folks.” On FOX News, regular contributor Dick Morris said, “Those crazies in Montana who say, ‘We’re going to kill ATF agents because the U.N.’s going to take over’ — well, they’re beginning to have a case.” 

The insane ideas are being backed up by action. The Second Wave includes a chapter outlining 75 right-wing terrorist plots, conspiracies and racist rampages since 1995, when conservative Republican Timothy McVeigh bombed the Oklahoma City federal building, killing 168 people, including 19 children in a day-care center, and injuring another 500.

In March 2010, after the report was published, nine Hutaree militia members were arrested in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, for alleged involvement in a plot to murder a law enforcement officer and then attack police officers at the funeral using illegal explosives and firearms in order to incite revolution against the government.

People who make up the Tea Party movement are largely conservative and get their news from Fox; they’re generally old and of moderate to low income; and they’re fairly convinced that their taxes are going to rise in the next few years, even though they won’t.

“It’s the type of group that would likely benefit the most from Democratic governance, with commitments to Social Security, Medicare, and middle-class job creation,” said that report.

Tea baggers also have exceedingly poor views of President Obama. In the aforementioned poll, 81 percent disapproved of his job performance.

The scientific research identified the paranoia and obsession with certainty associated with conservatism but here are some hard examples of how they depart from reality and embrace delusion:

Fueling the myth mongering that Barack Obama is not a natural-born U.S. citizen, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said in a recent interview that the president may follow a “Kenyan, anti-colonial” worldview.

Southern Baptist Pastor Carl Gallups suggests Obama isn’t just Kenyan — he’s also the Antichrist.

Such lunacy is not being immediately rejected by voters. Crazed tea baggers won Republican nominations for seven U.S. Senate seats, for New York governor and for dozens of seats in Congress. They are all over the place on ballots for city council, mayor, plus county and state offices.

A Harris poll cemented the notion of the scary conservative who believes that President Obama is many things that, factually, he is not.

The Harris Poll of 2,320 adults surveyed online between March 1 and 8, 2010  finds that large numbers of Tea Party supporters have not just extremely hostile opinions of President Obama but believe many of the false statements about him circulated on cable news and the internet.

The numbers among Tea Party supporters are scary, indeed: 67% believe the President is a socialist, although Harris didn’t do anything to verify that respondents knew what that word meant. More than half believe he is a Muslim,

The real sizzlers, are the 45% who believe he wasn’t born in the US, and the 25% who say he “may be the Antichrist” and 24% who say he wants the terrorists to win.  These people think our president is  a Nazi-esque Muslim Antichrist.

The Republican leadership’s willingness to flirt with ideas like the birth certificate conspiracy, or their insistence that health care reform is an “apocalypse,” paints all Republicans as unhinged loons and obliterate conservative credibility.

If you are still thinking about voting Republican, please see a mental health professional at once.

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Spending Just Got Personal

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Funeral For Petty Officer Denis Miranda

web-coffinBy Grace Cangemi

If you saw the group that formed an honor guard outside the Anderson and Campbell Funeral Home in a bar, you might think it was a tough place.  Today, the tough place was on Main Street in Toms River as Petty Officer 3rd Class Denis Miranda was laid to rest.


The honor guard was made up of about sixty bikers, all of them riding today for the Patriot Guard.  They flanked the driveway of the funeral home and held a flag line there and at the cemetery.  They came to show respect for a young man who made the ultimate sacrifice and a family mourning an unimaginably tragic loss.


Dressed mostly in jeans and leather vests, the riders assembled at American Legion Post 129 at eight a.m. and awaited a Toms River Police escort that met up with members of the Dover police, State Police and several fire companies.  Most rode motorcycles, while about a dozen rode in trucks and SUVs.


As the service was held inside the funeral home, I spoke to Rich Baumann of the Patriot Guard.  Members of several organizations were represented by riders this morning.  Rolling Thunder, American Legion Riders Posts 129 and 348, and the Blue Knights all joined together to honor a fallen soldier.


“Today everyone rides with the Patriot Guard,” he said, explaining that on “these missions” the Patriot Guard includes all the riders.  “It’s the brotherhood of what we do.”


This was Rich’s 90th funeral and he is a Senior Ride Captain, coordinating the honor guard, flag lines, and escort.  At times in the past, they have had to deal with what Rich calls “uninvited guests.”  While that was thankfully not the case today, Rich explained that when such folks do show up, the Patriot Guard creates a flag line between these people and the family so that the family doesn’t see or hear them.


“If you have a problem with the politics,” he says “go stand in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Leave the families alone.”


Joe Ryan of the Legion Riders Post 348 in Brick has been involved in veteran’s causes for nearly as long as he can remember.  His daughter’s have both served.  His eldest completed four years in the Navy and his youngest is in her eighth year in the Air Force.  Like many other riders, Joe took the day off.


He rides as many of these as he can.  “Some things,” he said “are more important than money.”


Robert Bianchini of Toms River also has a passion for helping troops.  He was at a wedding and met some servicemen.  Thinking that they might enjoy a weekend at the beach, he opened his home to them for a getaway.  Since then, he continues to host veterans and servicepeople who are referred to him.  A veteran himself, Robert said that it’s important to remember that as long as even one serviceman is deployed, we still have people in harm’s way. 


About twenty people stood across the street from the funeral home, some with flags, all there to honor a fallen warrior.  Elaine Horan and her sister didn’t know that Miranda family, but had seen the procession pass the house when Denis Miranda was escorted from McGuire Air Force Base and read about the young man in the paper.  They stood holding small flags. 


Elaine said,” We live locally and thought we should come to honor him and his family who made the ultimate sacrifice.”


As the Miranda family waited outside the funeral home, Denis Miranda’s flag draped casket was placed in the hearse by his SEAL teammates.  The procession, once again lead by state police and the Patriot Guard, would drive past Denis Miranda’s home, his high school, and his YMCA, finally arriving at the interment at Ocean County Memorial Park.


Capt. Tim Szymanski, commodore of Naval Special Warfare Group Two spoke about Denis Miranda.


“Miranda was a man who touched the lives of so many of us … a man who willingly made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the freedom and liberty of his fellow citizens … and a man who lived his life for the cause greater than himself.”


After these remarks, the flag draping Miranda’s casket was folded and presented to his mother.  Following the flag presentation, Navy SEALs from across the country lined up and one-by-one, removed the Tridents from the left chest of their uniforms and pounded them into Miranda’s coffin.


One cannot help but be humbled by the service this young man offered us and by the sacrifice made by his loved ones.  Those who took time off work and came to honor him know that by comparison, what they do is small, but they know it’s important too. 


The next time you think “I support our troops,” think about how you can truly put forth a helping hand.  And think about the Miranda family –  a mother, a father and two younger brothers who buried a precious young man who was an accomplished Navy SEAL when he was killed at the age of 24.  And say a prayer for Petty Officer Denis Miranda and all of those like him who stand ready to sacrifice their lives for us.

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Anna Little Shines Light On Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury Plan

Congressional candidate Anna Little (R, NJ-6) held a press conference this morning to shed light on Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury and the plan for the treatment of brain injuries created by the Sarah Jane Donohue Foundation that has the bi-partison support of 110 members of the House of Representatives.

Little’s opponent, Congressman Frank Pallone, is preventing congress from holding an up for down vote on the the Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury Plain by refusing to allow  H. Con Res. 198 from being released from the committee he chairs.

Appearing Little was Patrick Donohue, Sarah Jane’s father, Kim Illions, President of the Pediatric Hydrocephus Foundation and Craig Sears a traumatic brain injury survivor.

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Help Anna Little Reach Her Fundraising Target!






> NOW!






Paid for by Anna Little for Congress



Contributions to Anna Little for Congress are not deductible as charitable
>donations for federal income tax purposes. Contributions from corporations and
>foreign nationals are prohibited. Federal law requires political committees to
>use their best efforts to obtain and report the name, address, occupation and
>employer for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in
>an election cycle.

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Pallone Operative Slugs Little Senior Citizen Volunteer

Competing sign teams came to blows last evening in Atlantic Highlands when long time Pallone supporter Joe Hawley assaulted Atlantic Highlands GOP chairwoman Jane Frotten, 68.

According to Frotten, Hawley was interfering with a Little sign team in the borough when she showed up and tried to reason with the him.  Hawley screamed disparaging remarks about Jane’s husband Bernie, 79, and pushed her.  Jane, who serves as Anna Little’s campaign treasurer, hit him back.

The Atlantic Highlands police were called to the scene.  No charges have yet to be filed.

“He probably skipped his meds,” said Frotten about her assaulter.

Hawley could not be reached for comment.

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Honoring One Who Served

By Grace Cangemi

Petty Officer 3rd Class Denis Miranda

Petty Officer 3rd Class Denis Miranda


If you watched network television today, you might think that the biggest story out of the Seaside Heights/Toms River area is about a guy who calls himself “The Situation” and whether or not he’s continuing to dance with the stars.  Not even close.


Here’s the name we should be hearing about today – DENIS MIRANDA.  Petty Officer Third Class, son, brother, fiance’, friend, Navy Seal, not quite 25 year old Denis Miranda has been brought back to his hometown after a little more than a week in Afghanistan.  He will be laid to rest tomorrow.


Petty Officer Miranda was a graduate of Toms River East High School serving us overseas when he was killed in a Black Hawk helicopter crash in Afghanistan on September 21st along with 8 other young men.  As friends, family, and fellow servicemen and women arrived at the Anderson and Campbell Funeral Home on Main Street in Toms River, small flags lined the sidewalks and a half a dozen men from the Patriot Guard stood outside holding American flags.  In declining to comment, one  gentleman simply said, “There’s not much to say.  We’re here because he was there.”


Later, I spoke to Patriot Guard Senior Ride Captain Rich Baumann of Bayville.  He told me that members of the Patriot Guard are motorcyclists from all over the country.  Some are veterans, some have family who are serving, but all have one thing in common – “a desire to show honor and respect for our fallen troops.”  The Patriot Guard escorted Petty Officer Miranda from McGuire Air Force Base to the funeral home and has been keeping an honor guard there during visitation.  Tomorrow, they will join several other groups in escorting the procession from the funeral home to the cemetery.  Baumann told me that the Patriot Guard will also have flag lines at both locations. 


“It is,” he said, “our honor that we can do this.”


While we hear a great deal from people who say that they support our troops, I spent a good part of the day with people who are actively involved in doing just that for Denis Miranda and his family. 


American Legion Post 129 ( is preparing for a long day tomorrow.  Wendy Sharkey, founder of the post’s Legion Riders, told me that the post was expecting up to 1000 people.  The post will be hosting the repast for the family following the interment and will also be a staging area for many of the supporting organizations.  She expects them to include Warrior Watch Riders ( and Rolling Thunder (  All of these organizations have been working together to provide escorts, honor guards, and support. 


American Legion Post 129 is providing the food and drink for the repast.  Dennis Grella, one of the Sons of the American Legion, was in the kitchen where a crew was busy preparing for tomorrow. 


“We give back to our country,” Grella told me, echoing the sentiments of nearly everyone I spoke to.  “When it comes to troops, everything stops.  Everything stops for the troops.”


And that’s the way it should be.


Between now and January, approximately a thousand men and women will be deployed from New Jersey.  For them and their families, we are still very much at war.  And for the organizations and volunteers who serve them, the challenge is ongoing.  At deployments, at returns, at family information briefings, and, maybe most importantly, at funerals, these people show up time after time – in rain, in snow, at all hours of the day and night to honor and serve our men and women in uniform.  These organizations need all the support they can get.


As Ronnie Micciula of the American Recreational Military Service (ARMS – says, “There’s a lot of troops going and it’s going to be tough to provide for it, but we’ll find a way.  How can we let our soldiers and their families down? We owe it to them.  They work so hard to serve us.  It’s an honor to serve them.”


Tomorrow morning, as  dedicated men and women from these organizations help lay to rest an American hero, the Miranda family will bury their oldest son.  Perhaps we should keep in mind the words of Thomas Paine:


“These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”


And we should all take a moment to thank and remember Petty Officer 3rd Class Denis Miranda.


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NJ Should Exit RGGI Now

By “Firesign58”

Steve Lonegan, NJ state director for Americans for Prosperity (AFP), correctly identifies in his latest email how eco-marxist progressives are actively working Cap and Tax in individual states, where they feel resistance is less organized.

NJ, NY and 8 other states in the Northeast now participate in ‘RGGI’ – a carbon auctioning (energy rationing) syndicate that has already increased energy costs in the participating states.
Lonegan is crusading for NJ’s withdrawal from this repressive and unnecessary program. The program has had no impact reducing greenhouse gas emissions in NJ and has created a ‘slush fund’ for the participating state governments.
In effect, this program is a backdoor energy tax on every resident and business owner in New Jersey.
The citizens of NJ, struggling under a crushing tax burden and high energy costs, understandably want to exit the RGGI program. 

New Jersey was brought into RGGI by then-governor Democrat Jon Corzine. Chris Christie, current governor of NJ, wants to use proceeds from the carbon auctions for a huge offshore windfarm off the coast of Ocean City, NJ. While Christie has done some great things in his short tenure as NJ governor, his perception of the need and value of this program, and his goal for these taxpayer funds, is misguided at best for a state with high unemployment, a huge deficit, and no need for a pie-in-the-sky offshore windfarm.

The New Jersey Restaurant Association (NJRA), AFP and other groups are now petitioning Governor Christie and state legislators to  repeal state “Cap and Tax” law, as well as exit from RGGI: (American Spectator article).

Lonegan begins his ‘November is Coming’ tour this Friday at the brand-new Bayshore Tea Party campaign office, a state-of-the-art phone banking and Get Out The Vote center. New Jersey’s participation in RGGI and state energy policy are sure to be primary topics of the ‘November is Coming’ tour. 

Other states are considering, or already participating, in ‘regional greenhouse gas’ initiatives like RGGI. New Jersey’s actions on “Cap & Tax” are being watched closely. New Jersey could be a model for other states either to encourage economic recovery or to allow economic stagnation and malaise to continue. Americans for Prosperity and local homegrown organizations will continue to fight the battle at the state level. 

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Pallone, Pelosi and Holt. Perfect together!

By Tom Stokes, Middletown

Incumbent Congressman Frank Pallone and Rush Holt today provided the crucial votes to support Speaker Pelosi’s attempt to adjourn Congress before holding a vote to block the largest tax hikes in our history this coming January 1.

Had either of these professional politicians chosen to vote, as every Republican and 39 Democrat congressman did, in a true bi-partisan effort to prevent this massive tax hike, American workers and American businesses would have had certainty relating to the tax rates for next year. Uncertainty in these economic times is a nail in the coffin of economic recovery.

Make no mistake, Frank Pallone and Rush Holt voted today, not to lower your taxes, but to raise taxes on everyone.

The simple and sad truth is that both Pallone and Holt voted to support the ultra liberal “progressive” agenda of Nancy Pelosi, as they have consistently done in the past.

As one Republican Congressional candidate, Anna Little said, “Fifteen million Americans are looking for work, and they were looking to the Congress to block a massive tax hike scheduled to go into effect on New Year’s Day. Our unemployed friends and neighbors are smart enough to know that raising taxes on small businesses and entrepreneurs is the wrong thing to do when it comes to creating the conditions for economic growth.”

Anna Little is opposing Congressman Pallone. Republican Scott Sipprelle is opposing Congressman Holt.

In 34 days we, the people, will have the chance to send these professional politicians, Pallone and Holt, a loud and clear message. In the words of Donald Trump, “You’re Fired”.

On November 2nd, vote like your jobs, your businesses and your children’s future depends on it. Because they do!

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