Greg’s List: Things to do in Monmouth County this Memorial Day weekend, May 27-30, 2016

By Greg Kelly

Like this?

Like this?

Friday, May 27

  • Spring Library Book Sale (Shrewsbury) MORE INFO
  • Paint the Town Pink ’16 Events – MORE INFO
  • Villainous Company by NJ Repertory Company (Long Branch) MORE INFO
  • Radio Technology Museum Open at InfoAge (Wall Twp.) – MORE INFO
  • Live Harness Racing at Freehold Raceway – MORE INFO
  • Atlantic Cinemas Movie Night (Atlantic Highlands) – MORE INFO
  • “Seeing Stars: Every Flag Tells A Story” Exhibit (Highlands) MORE INFO

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This Memorial Day, Remember American Military Killed at the Urging of the Asbury Park Connected Sheikh, Taqi Usmani

By Tommy DeSeno

Sheikh Usmani

Sheikh Usmani

In Asbury Park, all the boardwalk buildings including Convention Hall, The Stone Pony and the Wonder Bar are owned by a Middle Eastern company named Capital Guidance, by way of a holding company they formed called Madison Marquette.  Capital Guidance operates Madison Marquette from their offices in Reston Virginia, amid the fastest growing Islamic concentration in the country.

Capital Guidance employs a Sharia Advisory Board chaired by a Pakistani Mufti, Muhammad Taqi Usmani.  When it comes to human rights, this scrivener of that area’s Sharia laws is a monster. He has a 30 year career of jailing gays, beating women for being raped and like atrocities, such as supporting modern slavery.

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Remembering America’s Heros

On Memorial Day, MMM honors those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our American freedom by sharing An American Hero, a short biography of Corporal Bud Thorne.

Thorne, a Middletown native, was killed in the Battle of the Bulge in World War II.  He is a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient and the Thorne Middle School is named for him.

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N.J. Assembly pushes ahead on $15 minimum wage for N.J.

assetContent (18)TRENTON — The Assembly on Thursday passed a bill to give minimum wage workers in New Jersey a nearly 80 percent bump in their pay that Gov. Chris Christie is all but certain to strike down. For the Democratic leaders in the Senate and Assembly, the veto is not so much a threat as it is… Read the rest of this entry »

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Memorial Day Reflections

By Steve McEnery

Steve McEneryMemorial Day has become the traditional beginning of summer. Originally,
and more importantly (Decoration Day) was established to commemorate the
Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. By the 20th
century, Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who died
while in military service. Unfortunately, it’s not taught in school the
way it once was.

Today, the flag is burned, stepped and danced on and spit upon, totally
disrespecting it; and the men and  woman who have died defending this
Country, our Flag and the rights of those that defile and disrespect
this great symbol of freedom.

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Asbury Park Man Climbs Through Sunroof To Steal From Car in Ocean

Not Damian Forde

Not Damian Forde

Damian Forde, Jr, 21 of Asbury Park, was charged with burglary of a vehicle and theft of property after an investigation by the Ocean Township Police Department determined that he entered a vehicle outside the Target store in the Seaview Square Mall and stole two electronic devices on Monday night, May 23. Read the rest of this entry »

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Vin Gopal and the Democrats’ plan for taking over Monmouth County

We’ve been reporting for years on how Monmouth County Democrat Chairman Vin Gopal has been raising special interest money in Trenton as well as from Hudson and Essex Counties so that he can take over our beautiful county, pave it over and award contracts and patronage jobs to his benefactors.  Fortunately, he’s had limited success.

Now, thanks to Hudson County View, we have the chairman on tape sharing the next step of his plan.  The money is not enough, he needs to bring voters into the county courtesy of the Hudson County boss, Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto.

A joke! Vin will likely protest. But is it?

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Judge: Doherty violated Belmar voters’ civil rights

Belmar Main Street Walk

Lawless Matt Doherty addressed Belmar residents while Governor Chris Christie practiced his Trump sidekick routine

Lawless Matt Doherty, the mayor of Belmar, violated the civil rights of his borough’s voters last year with a “invalid and misleading” ballot explanatory statement regarding the $4.1 million bonding referendum for a beach pavilion, according to a ruling by Monmouth County Superior Court Judge Katie Gummer last week.

The ballot statement was not discussed and approved in public at a Council meeting, as is required. Rather, Belmar submitted the ballot question and statement to Monmouth County Clerk Christine Hanlon without any input from the public or from the citizens who challenged the bonding ordinance.

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State busts Jersey City, Elizabeth for violating order to reassess properties

assetContent (17)TRENTON — The state Division of Taxation has declared two of the three municipalities forced to undergo property revaluations in violation of that state order, NJ Advance Media has learned. Jersey City and Elizabeth have missed May deadlines to submit plans to comply with the April order that gives them until November 2017 to conduct revaluations,… Read the rest of this entry »

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Circus Camel Escapes In Middletown

Heidi the prodigal camel

Heidi the prodigal camel

North Middletown- A female camel escaped from St. Catherine’s Church on Monday. The camel, Heidi, is not left over from the parish’s nativity scene.  She is a featured performer in the circus that St. Catherine’s is hosting tonight, Tuesday, May 24.

Heidi escaped while the circus staff was setting up the tent for tonight’s festivities, according to church secretary Kathy Toomey.

“The camel took a stroll down Bray Avenue dragging her tether and chain behind her,” Toomey said.  Residents of Bray Avenue laughed and said they were unaware of the incident when MMM asked them about it.

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